SparkPost email extension for CiviCRM

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Dernière mise à jour: 2024-01-29

Conçue pour CiviCRM 5.38 et plus.

Allows CiviCRM to send emails and process bounces through the SparkPost service.

It was designed with the following goals and/or features:

  • be trivial to install and configure, even for the novice users
  • self-configure when possible and check that everything is appropriately setup
  • integrate as seamlessly as possible within CiviCRM, neatly replacing other email options
  • be nimble and fast, and in particular use the REST API rather than SMTP, and use real-time callbacks
  • have a 'service provider' mode in which the same SparkPost account can be used for multiple clients
  • accurate processing of bounces with in-depth analysis and translation of all bounce codes

It sends both transactional and CiviMail emails through the SparkPost service. Bounces are processed through a callback (no need for an email account dedicated to bounce processing), but CiviCRM only processes bounces for CiviMail-originated emails. We are planning to extend bounce processing to transactional emails in the short term.

Opens and click-throughs as still tracked by CiviCRM as there is no added-value in having these tracked by SparkPost.