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Members financially support CiviCRM and, therefore, impact each and every organization that benefits from the project. As a token of appreciation, we're kicking in a few benefits that not only provide exclusive perks, but help maximize your use of CiviCRM. The benefits below apply to all member levels.

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With over [civistats:active-sites] organizations using CiviCRM, it's truly an open source CRM that does a world of good.

CiviCRM is California based Limited Liability Company. It is not a charity, though it operates as a not for profit organization and is investigating the transition to a benefit corporation or similar business structure. Learn more about the Core Team behind CiviCRM, how it operates and how the project is performing.

Over 11,000 organizations around the world use CiviCRM to make meaningful change.

Designed, developed and supported by a diverse and thriving ecosystem, CiviCRM is built to ensure that organizations everywhere, just like yours, maximize their resources and their impact. A membership with CiviCRM ensures its stability, ease of use, and compatibility with constantly changing technology for you and for every other organization that uses it. Membership not only funds the work of the Core Team, it supports every organization that relies on it.

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"Member support not only represents the most significant potential source of funding for the overall sustainability of CiviCRM, it embodies the spirit and purpose of CiviCRM and the community that builds and supports it."

Dave Greenberg, Co-founder & project adviser