2021-04-01 01:50
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In November 2020 we decided we needed another way to meet the community since Corona made it impossible to meet in person. So we decided to organize a digital meet up: CiviCoop's Coffee Corner. Every first Thursday of the month we are present and whoever wants to, can join in. We had no idea IF anybody was going to join and if so, who and with what kind of interest. 

Today was the 5th time, a lustrum, for CCC and it is getting more busy and lively every time. Very nice to see! To sum up today’s coffee:

  • 13 people attended
  • We celebrated Erik Hommel’s birthday 
  • Success stories were shared 
  • We discussed the effect,  pros and cons of moving from D7 to D8/D9
  • Talked about (the lack of) user and admin trainings and the pros and cons to have it centrally organized
  • Erik H pointed out that there is Developer Guide Sprint on 12 April

So all in all we can conclude that it is working out nicely: an opportunity to meet others from the community, sharing things, or just chit chatting over a good cup of coffee.

The next CCC will be on Thursday 6th May, 09.30 - 10.30 CET. Hope to see you then.
Nice Easter Weekend to you all for now.