Digital Developer Guide Sprint 2021

2021-02-01 05:04
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I would like to organize a digital sprint in the week of 12 April 2021 to update the Developer Guide!

The Developer Guide is a really important information source for new contributors to our community, but also to experienced contributors when information changes. For newbies it is important that they can find information quickly, the documentation is understandable, there are some FAQ's or how-to guides.....I am sure most of us can think of some kind of improvement.

For me there are also quite some areas where I would like more information or guidance. For example on the DataTables that are used for some Admin pages where I can not influence the behaviour with a hook. And I am sure you have your own pet topics or improvements!

So the driver for this sprint (to use a Sociocracy 3.0 term) is: produce an as up to date possible version of the CiviCRM Developer Guide given our time & energy constraints.

My idea is to have a digital sprint of 1 week in April with ideally:

  • a developer / more developers in rotation from the core team knowledgeable on the latest and greatest
  • a group of experienced developers happy to provide sections and chapters
  • some newbies that can share their needs and proof-read the produced sections
  • one or more person(s) that can provide guidance on writing material (focus on sharing knowledge, not the knowledge itself)

Obviously I would love to do this in one physical location with a campfire and an occassional beer or drop of whisky but we all know what the world is like right let us go digital!

If you think this is a good idea and would like to take part please drop me a line (erik dot hommel at civicoop dot org) or react on the GitLab issue mentioning:

  • if you would like to take part
  • what your role can be
  • what your pet topic or improvement is

Watch this space!


I'm in - naturally. Happy to help provide proof reading support and technical support for the docs system itself :-) Maybe kick the week off with a docs how-to.