Payment Processor

Membership Extras

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Last updated: 2021-01-18

Works with CiviCRM 5.28 or higher.

What is Membership Extras?

Membership Extras is designed to be a companion extension for organisations that use CiviCRM for membership. It provides comprehensive functionality to support payment in instalments, membership periods and order management. There are also several companion extensions for Drupal that support complex self service renewal and upgrade management via webforms. For more information see the blog post here:

SmartDebit Direct Debit

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Last updated: 2020-12-15

Works with CiviCRM 5.28 or higher.

Smart Debit is a direct debit payment processor which allows your organisation to take direct debit payments.  The SmartDebit extension integrates this with CiviCRM and support automatic synchronisation of successful/failed payments as well as a reconciliation mode when you have mismatched data.  Documentation here:

Paperless Transactions CC/ACH Payment Processor

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Last updated: 2017-02-24

Works with CiviCRM 4.6. It might not be supported anymore.


PTC offers innovative solutions such as mobile giving, event registration and donor management combined with cost-effective, secure payment processing that is easy to integrate with your current Civi database and website. Reach donors in new ways and raise more funds for your church or non-profit organization.


Active Installs

Online Worldpay Payment Processor using API to generate tokens and authorise payment. Once installed just set-up the payment processor and this will be available for using in CiviCRM

Click & Pledge Payment Gateway

This plugin is specific to WordPress. Information on how to install should be provided in the description of the project.

The Click & Pledge Payment Gateway plugin allows you to accept online payments in your WordPress CiviCRM. Download the CiviCRM & Click & Pledge Payment Gateway Extension and start accepting payments from all major brands with your Click & Pledge account: Visa,American Express,Discover,MasterCard.


Payment Tokens

This extension is to support the use of payment tokens with payment processors. It contains the part of token handling that I think core would ideally do & I will be adding to it. Currently it


1) creates a table civicrm_payment_tokens

2) exposes the table to views if you have civicrm_entity installed (Drupal only) by implementing the paymenttokens_civicrm_alter_drupal_entities & paymenttokens_civicrm_alter_drupal_entity_labels hooks

3) adds api crud to store payment tokens