Stripe Payment Processor for CiviCRM.
Stripe is a wonderful payment processor that eliminates much of the headache for PCI compliance.  Stripe.js securely transmits card details from browsers to Stripe.
Stripe is free to try, requiring only an email address and password to get started.
Stripe is also has no monthly fees, your costs are a small per-transaction fee + 2.9%.
It handles regular contributions as well as recurring through Stripe's subscription/plan feature.


Technical Details:

CiviCRM 4.2 does not require CMS module.
Turn it on and configure your 'Webhooks' in Stripe to point to

Version 1.8+ of this extension *must* use Stripe's latest API version (at least 2013-12-03).
This is the API setting within your account settings.
More info on how to change:
Also, your CiviCRM 'Resource URLs' must be set to the extensions directory relative to Drupal/CRM base.
Example: /sites/all/civicrm_extensions/

*NOT the full server path like /var/www/sites/all/civicrm_extensions/*
This is the admin page for Resource URLs: /civicrm/admin/setting/url

For CiviCRM 4.1 and below, you will need one of these:

More details in README.
Readme @:

Please use the comments section of this page as a feature/bug/support queue for now:

Special thanks to totten and micahflee.

Joshua Walker (drastik)
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