The Stripe extension implements a Payment Processor for CiviCRM that integrates with

The extension currently supports Credit/Debit card payments.  It implements a javascript based "Stripe.js" method which submits the credit card details directly from the users browser to the Stripe servers meaning that the credit card details will never reach the server hosting CiviCRM, only the success/failure of the payment.

Opening an account with Stripe is free, requiring only an email address and password to get started.  There are no monthly fees, just a per-transaction fee of 2.9% which is deducted automatically and recorded against the payment in CiviCRM.

Currently one-off and recurring payments by Credit/Debit card are supported.  In the future it is hoped to support additional payment methods.

Current Maintainer: Matthew Wire (MJW Consulting). Original Author: Joshua Walker (drastik)
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