Payment Processor

USAePay Payments

What this extension does

  • Add ability to use USAePay as a payment processor for Credit Cards and ACH/EFT. 
  • One-Time and Recurring Billing
  • Creates a scheduled job to download transactions for recurring billing, adds contributions to CiviCRM.

*see for setup instructions

SmartDebit Direct Debit

Smart Debit is a direct debit payment processor which allows your organisation to take direct debit payments.  The SmartDebit extension integrates this with CiviCRM and support automatic synchronisation of successful/failed payments as well as a reconciliation mode when you have mismatched data.  Documentation here:

Paperless Transactions CC/ACH Payment Processor


PTC offers innovative solutions such as mobile giving, event registration and donor management combined with cost-effective, secure payment processing that is easy to integrate with your current Civi database and website. Reach donors in new ways and raise more funds for your church or non-profit organization.


Online Worldpay Payment Processor using API to generate tokens and authorise payment. Once installed just set-up the payment processor and this will be available for using in CiviCRM

Click & Pledge Payment Gateway

The Click & Pledge Payment Gateway plugin allows you to accept online payments in your WordPress CiviCRM. Download the CiviCRM & Click & Pledge Payment Gateway Extension and start accepting payments from all major brands with your Click & Pledge account: Visa,American Express,Discover,MasterCard.


Payment Tokens

This extension is to support the use of payment tokens with payment processors. It contains the part of token handling that I think core would ideally do & I will be adding to it. Currently it


1) creates a table civicrm_payment_tokens

2) exposes the table to views if you have civicrm_entity installed (Drupal only) by implementing the paymenttokens_civicrm_alter_drupal_entities & paymenttokens_civicrm_alter_drupal_entity_labels hooks

3) adds api crud to store payment tokens