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Last updated: 2021-05-10

Works with CiviCRM 5.33 or higher.

Summary Fields make it easier to search for major donors, recent donors, lapsed donors as well as to show a synopsis of a donor’s history. Summary Fields extends your CiviCRM data by creating a tab of fields that total up and summarize donation history.

Once the Extension is installed, visit Administer > Customise > Summary Fields, and select the fields you want displayed. Once you've completed set-up, a new tab will appear alongside other tabs in contact records showing the totals for each individual.

All of the data in the Summary Fields group are calculated from other data entered into your CiviCRM as contributions, membership or event participation. The benefit of making these items available as calculated fields is that they can be searched in Advanced Search and used as a basis for a smart group as well as for tokens in email and print communications. The set of available fields include:

  • Total Lifetime Contributions
  • Total Contributions this Year
  • Total Contributions last Year
  • Amount of Last Contribution
  • Date of Last Contribution
  • Date of First Contribution
  • Largest Contribution
  • Count of Contributions
  • Average Annual (Calendar Year) Contribution
  • Date of Last Membership Payment
  • Amount of Last Membership Payment
  • Name of the last attended event
  • Date of the last attended event
  • Total Number of events
  • Number of events attended
  • Events attended as percent of total
  • Number of no-show events
  • No-shows as percent of total events
  • Number of turnout attempts
  • Number attended from turnout attempts
  • Number noshow from turnout attempts
  • Attended as percent of turn out attempts
  • No-shows as percent of turn out attempts
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