New Extensions

Extensions are installable packages which give CiviCRM new functionality, and this directory provides a centralized list of extensions which the CiviCRM community has created.

This listing displays CiviCRM extensions that were recently added to this extension directory. We also have an RSS feed. Click here to return to the extension directory.

This extension integrates CiviCRM events with Zoom meetings. As people register for events in CiviCRM they will be added as registrants to the linked Zoom meeting. When canceled from within CiviCRM, they will be removed from the Zoom meeting.
Current Usage: 2
This is a CiviCRM extension that automatically creates a new Activity, Credit Card Expired based on the Credit Card Expiry Date for a stored credit card token.

The Activity Date for the Activity is set to the 1st day of the month after the Credit Card Expiry Date.

The Credit Card Expired, Activity can then be used to set up Scheduled Reminders to notify the Contact that their credit card is about to expire or has expired.
Current Usage: 0
Embed forms in any remote website, providing inputs to a Form Processor. Invisible anti-spam measure included. This is an "Inlay" and therefore requires that extension, see
Current Usage: 9
This is a CiviCRM extension that enables a single Contribution page to have options for multiple recurring Contributions, each with different recurring payment schedules (frequency). Such that you can provide donation frequency options or membership renewal of daily, weekly, monthly or yearly with varying intervals. This is implemented by adding two new fields to each Priceset Option within a Priceset:
1. Recurring Contribution Unit: Which determines if this option should generate a recurring Contribution. Options: no recurrence, day, week, month, year
2. Recurring Contribution Interval: Which determines the interval of the recurrence. Integer field.

When the Contribution page is processed, each Priceset Option with a defined Recurring Contribution Unit will result in the creation of a recurring Contribution according to the options selected.
Current Usage: 19
CiviContact is a mobile application for Android and iOS which enables users to manage Contacts, Groups, Activities (and more!) when connected to a CiviCRM integrated website. Find out more about about CiviContact at
Current Usage: 0
This is a CiviCRM extension required for the CiviContact mobile application for iOS and Android. Find out more about about CiviContact at
Current Usage: 30
Adds custom colours and bulleted and numbered lists to the Mosaico editor.
Current Usage: 10
Alinto and CiviCRM integration allows delivering single and mass short message service (SMS) messages through its Alinto Gateway to mobile phone users. Alinto is a French company dedicated to E-mail and SMS and provides a high performance gateway.
Current Usage: 3
Provides a simplified SOAP endpoint for CiviSMTP bounce processing.
Current Usage: 1
Tools for working with message templates
Current Usage: 3
Provides a way to check which scheduled reminders would be fired.
Current Usage: 0
Ever needed to upload very large files to CiviCRM, beyond the web server's limit? No? Well now you can, thanks to the plupload library, which can be combined with the remoteform extension, so that your users can upload huge files. Kidding aside, this is more of a proof of concept extension.
Current Usage: 1
Displays a warning when there are pending mailings and gives an approximation of the start time. Also provides a shortcut to run the Scheduled Job manually.
Current Usage: 7
Embed payment/donation forms on your external website. See README for limitations. See the Inlay extension for details on what that is.
Current Usage: 2
Allows ability to set the button label on Main and Confirm page of Contribution.
Current Usage: 8