New Extensions

Extensions are installable packages which give CiviCRM new functionality, and this directory provides a centralized list of extensions which the CiviCRM community has created.

This listing displays CiviCRM extensions that were recently added to this extension directory. We also have an RSS feed. Click here to return to the extension directory.

When using the quicksearch, also search secondary emails.
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The ID-Tracker aims to solve two problems: add and track all IDs for any contact AND make sure they don't get lost during contact merges.
Current Usage: 152
This is an extension for Belgian NGO's that provide a "fiscaal attest". They need to record a Rijksregisternummer according to latest legal developments. This extension allows them to capture this using a Form Processor action and edit or add this in the User Interface when the user has a specific permission.
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Allows creation of a scheduled job to notify administrators of failed payments
Current Usage: 11
This extension facilitates the activation of CiviCRM triggers configured during the creation of a zap on

The application that offers CiviCRM as an app on Zapier is available at
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This extensions will give admins a notification bubble if any of CiviCRM's database queries is taking a very long time, and gives you the options to stop (i.e. "kill") it. Use this with caution.

You can also set up a cron job to drop you an email in case such a long-running query is detected.
Current Usage: 31
Allows the admin to set the `From` email address that matches the "Sending Domain" for all emails being sent from CiviCRM, while still allowing users to select the `Reply-To` email addresses.
Current Usage: 5
Provide a couple of tools to display a public counter based on the number of contacts in a group.
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Recalculates the recipients of a mailing just before it is sent.
Current Usage: 54
With this extension you can give constituents access to their CiviCRM data without them needing a Drupal account.

This extension has been created with the following use case in mind: Let people read and change their contact data in a drupal webform. To access the data, people need to enter their email address. A link to the prefilled webform will be sent to that email address if and only if the email address exists within CiviCRM.
Current Usage: 17
Implements a SearchKit display using leaflet.js for showing lat/lon on a map.
Current Usage: 4
The functional requirement for this extension is that the funding customer ( has a lot of situations where an individual becomes a member or registers for an event but wants his/her company to pay for this. Partially this is possible in core CiviCRM using soft credits (for memberships) but it is somewhat confusing. The user does not see the actual payer of the membership on the membership screens, and the invoice does not show the name of the actual member.

This extension allows another contact than the member to pay for a membership and another contact then the participant to pay for an event registration. The extension will show the actual contact paying in the membership and participant screens and will also add the name of the participant or member on the invoice.
Current Usage: 5