New Extensions

Extensions are installable packages which give CiviCRM new functionality, and this directory provides a centralized list of extensions which the CiviCRM community has created.

This listing displays CiviCRM extensions that were recently added to this extension directory. We also have an RSS feed. Click here to return to the extension directory.

This extension offers a modular and flexible alternative to CiviCRM's built-in deduplication system. It is designed to be
* fast and scalable: CiviCRM's built-in solution tends to run into problems with large data sets
* highly configurable: you have almost 60 modules to be used for your configuration, and there's new ones being added all the time.
* automated: once you have worked out a configuration that is rock solid, you can schedule it to be executed automatically on a regular basis
* offers automated conflict resolution modules
Current Usage: 28
This utility extension provides an API call to reformat Batch titles so that they sort correctly when used in report filters.

This is of no interest unless you use Accounting Batches.
Current Usage: 1
Filter which groups may appear on a profile.
Current Usage: 11
Provides tokens to list transaction, contributions etc.
Current Usage: 2
Make it easier to see the group hierarchy when there are lots of groups and subgroups.
Current Usage: 2
Creates an downloadable archive of a CiviCase so you can store the contents of the case in your archive.
Developed for the use case where the data of a grant application is not needed anymore after a year however it needs to be stored in an archive for legal matters (in case the tax authority wants to check whether everything went well).
Current Usage: 2
Restrict file upload if not of the type defined in Safe file extension. The extension also restricts file type upload on a specific custom fields defined in field settings.
Current Usage: 2
Shopify sync
Current Usage: 1
This extension is intended to anonymize your database, so you can share your CiviCRM database more readily.
Current Usage: 1
This extension is utilizing Summernote which is a (relatively) new lightweight (js+css: ~100Kb) WYSIWYG editor library, available as a drop-in replacement for CKEDitor4/5 in CiviCRM.

The summernote editor, along with the use of the powerful elFinder plugin gives an all around solution to the needs of a user.
Current Usage: 3
Click to Call extension for CiviCRM
Current Usage: 0
Combines the flexibility of Smart Groups with the utility of Static Groups.
Current Usage: 2
Provides tools to help visualize, edit, and troubleshoot system workflow message templates.
Current Usage: 11
Process Bulk CiviMail responses for a variety of SMTP Services including: Amazon SES, Elastic Email and Sendgrid
Current Usage: 283
This extension changes which contacts are referenced by Inbound Email activities to make them (arguably) more sensible than core CiviCRM's defaults.

Core CiviCRM Inbound Emails result in Activities with 'Added by' and 'Assigned to' set to the contact related to the From email address, and 'With Contact' (aka Target Contact) set to the email-to-activity email's related contact. 'Assigned to' is normally a staff person who is assigned to do followup work, which wouldn't be true for inquiry or response emails. 'With Contact' is normally the external stakeholder, which in this case is the From email address's contact. As the system is adding the contact because it came in the email-to-activity inbox, 'Added by' is set to that email's related contact. No contact is 'Assigned to' followup on an Inbound Email automatically, although it might be nice as a new feature to have a setting for one or more to be added.
Current Usage: 555