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Extensions are installable packages which give CiviCRM new functionality, and this directory provides a centralized list of extensions which the CiviCRM community has created.

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Allows Admins to set up a 'main/parent' event with some 'related/child' events, such that registering for the 'main/parent' event also registers the participant to all the 'related/child' events.

Set up involves specifying the Event ID of the 'main/parent' event in the custom field on the 'related/child' events.

Such registrations can then be overridden if necessary by admin, eg if a user signs up for an event series E1, E2, E3 etc, but are then unable to attend E3, they can be instead registered for F3 for example
Current Usage:
Adds a language switcher to the CiviCRM menu bar.
Current Usage:
Search contribution by line item financial type
Current Usage: 0
Provides an API for providing a wide range of custom content and forms for external websites regardless what technology the external site uses.
Current Usage: 2
Provides a lighter workflow for the CiviCRM Event Cart. Designed for a ticket box office (ex: where you do not need the names of participants).
Current Usage: 1
Replaces city textbox field as autocomplete select2, chained either to State/Province or County.
It doesn't replace the `civicrm_address`.`city` field type, it remains as classic varchar, just replaces the textbox in Contactts edition form as a select2 control
Current Usage: 0
Adds a button to cancel/transfer an event from the user dashboard.
Current Usage: 3
Allows event admins to redirect an Event Info page to an external URL.
Current Usage: 8
Flood Control is a CiviCRM extension to limit the speed at which some forms may be submitted. Currently, it mainly aims to protect contribution forms from credit card fraud. It also supports the CiviCRM Mailing Subscription form.
Current Usage: 2
CiviCRM personal campaign teams allows people to create their own personal campaign page (PCP) which is part of a team, with a common objective as well as an individual page for each member.
Current Usage: 6
This extension fixes a core flawless.
When you merge two contacts and a case is moved from one to the other then the case is copied and the old one
is marked as deleted.
Sometimes you want to keep the case (for example if you want stick with the case id).
Current Usage: 2
Creates a new field, "Converted Amount", on contributions. When a contribution is made in a currency other than your "base" currency, the converted amount will be filled in automatically.
Current Usage: 5
Adds new settings to determine if a priceset field value should be displayed for one-time donations, recurring or both.
Current Usage: 14
This extension converts the donation recurrence checkbox option into radio buttons. This makes it easier to theme the form in a more aesthetic way, and also helps put more emphasize on the recurring donation options (which are otherwise easy to ignore). It also helps fix translation issues around recurring frequency units.
Current Usage: 35
This extension give multiple option to control membership renewal. For Fixed Membership type, you can set restrict
Renewal until Rollver date is over. For Rolling Membership type you can set day and unit for restrict membership renewal before end date.

You can restrict the Membership Type Signup/Renewal based on Group contact, If contact is not part of Group.

This Extension provide Custom Membership Search which contain Membership Type Include Exclude along with Membership Status and their dates. You can find contact those have Membership Type A but don't have Membership Type B.
Current Usage: 1