Extensions are installable packages which give CiviCRM new functionality, and this directory provides a centralized list of extensions which the CiviCRM community has created.

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This extension provides bounce and complaint handling for the Amazon Simple Email Service (SES).
Current Usage:
Adds a new field to CiviMail mailings, which allows you to set the preview text.
Current Usage:
Allows to search for sort_name OR display_name when searching for the contact name. Works both in generic search (Search -> Search contacts) as well as quick search.

Current Usage: 0
Google Maps Auto-Complete and Helpers for other extensions.
Current Usage: 39
Provides validator for phone number formatting. So that your users enter the phone number
according a format you wish.

You can configure the allowed formats.
Current Usage: 2
Functionality to change Dedupe rule on different civicrm components which are hardcoded in civicrm core. This extension provides custom setting to change dedupe rule for profile, civicrm contribution page and uf match sync process.
Current Usage: 1
Extension to Create CMS user for Contacts from either Group and/or Tag, This functionality runs using Scheduled Job or Immediately using hook when contact is added to either group or tag. It's totally based on how you configured the setting form.
Current Usage: 39
This Extension provides advanced Job scheduling functionality.

Admin can set Linux CRONTAB-like expressions for each scheduled job.
Current Usage: 4
A DX extension providing a fluent interface and lots of common helpers to simplify code written for custom imports.
Current Usage: 4
Create temporary groups with this extension. A temporary group will be automatically deleted after a given date.
Current Usage: 5
Control who can see which contact notes. This extension will create a CMS permission for every additional Privacy level you create. Notes for which a user has no permission will be hidden.
Current Usage: 19
Enable CiviDiscounts on contributions/payment pages.
Current Usage: 4
This CiviCRM Devices Extension provides Internet of Things (IOT) functionality. The extension comes with an API and a number of reports. The extension has a menu on the main toolbar and a menu under the contacts module which is contact specific. The extension allows users to create devices and link one or more devices to a contact. Each device can have one or more sensors eg. temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, weight, location etc. The extension provides basic analytics graphs that can be exported. The extension has customizable alarms that can be triggered based on an alarm rule. Finally the extension has customizable alerts that can be triggered based on an alert rule to create a note in CiviCRM or send an email. In future the extension will send messages via SMS and popular messaging platforms.
Current Usage: 3
Provides more logging and alerts around CiviCRM logins.
Current Usage: 5