2nd CiviCooP’s Coffee Corner coming up

2021-01-04 05:23
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BettyDolfing - member of the CiviCRM community - view blog guidelines

Just a brief blog to let you know that we will host our second Coffee Corner coming Thursday,
7th January from 09.30 - 10.30 hrs CET. 

It will be an informal get together with: 

  • those who use CiviCRM for some time
  • people like us who support organizations to implement and manage CiviCRM
  • and also new users to CiviCRM

CiviCooP is organizing it, but it is not 'our' coffee. So please become an active coffee drinker. The only thing we organise is 3 'spaces':

  • a general room
  • a functional room
  • a technical room

You do not have to register, and feel free to join or leave or move to another room whenever you want.

You can find the link to the coffee rooms here

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