Google Analytics Event and E-Commerce Tracking

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Last updated: 2019-11-04

Works with CiviCRM 5.13 or higher.

Web Tracking

This feature allows organizations to track traffic for their online event and contribution pages. The tracking reports provide organizations with valuable information like the number of visitors over a specific duration of time, the average amount of time visitors spend on their web page, the number of new visitors vs the number of returning visitors, the type of web browser used by their visitors, the origin/nationality of their customers and a lot more.

Event and E-Commerce Tracking

The event tracking feature enables organizations to determine the manner in which users interact with their pages. Organizations can determine things like how many visitors choose to change the fee amount from the default selection, how many visitors visited the main page, the registration page, the confirmation page and the final thank you page. Current implementation covers fixed set of events.

An E-commerce tracking feature has also been implemented. This would enable organizations to determine the amount of revenue that is generated from a particular source of traffic. For example, determining exactly how much money was raised for a Donation from the publicity obtained by people liking the Donation page on Facebook, by people sharing the link to the web site on Google Plus, by people writing mails to their friends asking them to contribute, etc.