CiviCRM Melbourne Meetup - Thursday 10th October

2019-09-23 04:22
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Come along to the third meetup of 2019, a workshop style session discussing challenges submitted by attendees in advance. 

As suggested by attendees in the last meetup, there's more to explore on the theme of contacts including Relationships and how they could be used to segment lists for email marketing, Households and more.

Suggested topics from the following items:

  • Relationships - types, setup, usage
  • Permissioned Relationships
  • Advanced search using Relationships to make Smart Lists
  • Households
  • Civisualize Extension Contact dashlet
  • Syncing Users (CSM) with Contacts
  • User roles based on Memberships or Groups
  • Access Control Lists
  • Webforms to capture Contact Information

Feel free to propose other agenda items for this meetup, perhaps some current issues you have, or new learnings.

All CiviCRMers welcome - users, administrators, developers, newbs etc

About the Venue - Melbourne Business School, 200 Leicester Street
Park Theatre, Ground Floor, has a large screen display PC/Mac - maximum of 36 people.
- The canteen will be open, and food/drink (non alcoholic) permissible in the room as long as we clean up.

Queensberry Hotel nearby for a drink after.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Mick Collopy
​​​​​​​Meetup Convenor

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