CiviCRM Spark

Un moyen rapide et sécuritaire de démarrer du bon pied avec CiviCRM

CiviCRM est le leader des logiciels libres pour la gestion de contacts pour le milieu à but non-lucratif (ONGs, associations professionnelles, groupes communautaires, groupes politiques, syndicats et autres). Pour permettre de démarrer rapidement avec CiviCRM - une solution utilisée par plus de 10 000 organisations - nous avons le plaisir de proposer CiviCRM Spark.

CiviCRM Spark logo

CiviCRM Spark vous permet de démarrer avec CiviCRM en quelques minutes. Cliquer ici pour visionner une courte vidéo démontrant son fonctionnement (en anglais).

CiviCRM Spark la solution idéale pour les organisations de toutes tailles qui veulent évaluer CiviCRM, ou pour les plus petites organisations qui ont besoin moins de 5 000 contacts.

Besoin de soutien technique ?

Spark is not a vehicle for support. It is access to your own instance of CiviCRM without any of the associated setup or ongoing maintenance. Support is available same as with the download version of CiviCRM; via 1) community support and 2) expert providers.

Soutien de la communauté

CiviCRM is powered by an amazing community of software developers and nonprofit professionals, many of which actively provide support through various community channels. Whether you're a first time user or verteran of CiviCRM, community support is a great way to engage with the community and get support.

Soutien professionnel

If you need more than what CiviCRM's community support provides, don't worry, you're covered. CiviCRM has a network of partners that specifically support Spark in addition to providing expert services including migration, custom development, training, and more.

Questions fréquentes

Have other questions before getting started? No problem. You can jump on community chat or shoot us an email at any time.

Quelles sont les limitations de Spark ?

Spark is a great starting point for many organizations new to a CRM system. And, what's more, is that Spark provides easy transition to the full version of CiviCRM. So, what makes Spark less than the full version?

  • Spark includes up to 5,000 contacts and 10,000 emails sent per month. With CiviCRM (the full download), you have unlimited contacts and email capabilities.
  • Spark does not provide you a website CMS. You'll need to manage that on your own. The download version of CiviCRM integrates with BackDrop, Drupal, Joomla! and WordPress.
  • Spark does not support any and all CiviCRM extensions.
  • Spark does not include any paid support from CiviCRM LLC.

Pouvons-nous migrer hors de Spark ?

Yes, absolutely! In fact, we hope that you do. Spark is a great starting point into the larger CiviCRM ecosystem. Our objective in offering Spark, in fact, is to allow organizations access to CiviCRM's basic functionality. After having mastered it, we encourage organizations to adopt the full version of CiviCRM and really begin to flex their CRM muscles!

And, of course, your data is your data. You are free to export it at any time. Likewise, we can assist you if you do opt to upgrade to the full version of CiviCRM.

Pouvons-nous obtenir un remboursement ?

If you try Spark and cancel within the first 30 days, we'll gladly refund your payment. After 30 days, we do not provide refunds. Do keep in mind that you can cancel any time by emailing

Pouvons-nous héberger notre site web et aussi utiliser Spark ?

Yes, absolutely! Spark does not lock you into any one particular website platform. You're free to use your current website, develop a new one, or not use one at all!

Est-ce que Spark permet d'accéder aux fonctions du système de gestion de contenu ?

Non, Spark n'offre pas de fonctionnalités liées au logiciel de gestion de contenu (autre que pour la création et gestion des utilisateurs).

Photo par Jakub Skafiriak.