McSpringtime - Scotland 2nd time out

2018-03-21 06:12
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On a sunny Monday  in early March another great meet up, organised by Graham and Marcus was kindly hosted by Macmillan Cancer Support.  You might wonder what a Rotary Club, charities from entirely different fields, and a developer with a host of varying clients have in common apart from the obvious need to manage organisational relationships and data with an excellent open source CRM.  
Well, we got the answer, after a bit of groaning  - GDPR - we had a big discussion of the issues faced by our individual organisations and our clients - but to prevent the afternoon becoming more of a support group for the regulatory challenged - Marcus from Pooka  kindly presented a demo of the the new GDPR extension in action.  Knowing that there is a tool on it’s way, which will significantly help with the headaches GDPR might bring and which sits alongside the already customisable mailing systems in CiviCRM was a relief in itself.  Further though,  being able to discuss the tweaks each of us might need to make helped to focus on the processes that will sit behind the new procedures required, this really did help take some of the data related fear out of the ‘soon to be here’ regulatory framework.
We had further chat on mailing options, tips on accounting (yeah who knew it does that too) report generation and platforms, and also how we can encourage more folk to come along and join us.
That’s the beauty of a meet up - it’s really easy to see your own install of CiviCRM as the entire horizon, getting bogged down in the bits you use and not considering how wonderfully expandable it is, so the chance to chat and hear what other people are doing and bounce around ideas is a brilliant way of re-energising your thinking, getting quick solutions from those with more experience and perhaps more importantly really getting a sense of the community that surrounds CiviCRM, the passion that those who love it want to share and the sense of all the good that is being accomplished with it.  
Roll on Summer (not just saying that because it’s still snowing here occasionally) and our next meet up.
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