CiviCRM Helps US Build Community

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2015-03-31 10:19
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Harlem Pride is a New York City based 501c3 tax-exempt non-profit.  Our mission is to advocate for, 
educate, promote, and unite Harlem’s Same Gender Loving/LGBT individuals, organizations and supporters 
in cultivating a sense of honor, dignity and respect for our diverse culture and community.
We have many segments within our community of constituents and need to communicate effectively with them 
all.  CiviCRM integrated in WordPress has helped us accomplish this in many ways. We use most of 
CiviCRM’s features: Contacts, Contributions, Events, Surveys, Petitions, Profiles, Mail, Memberships, 
Volunteers  and Reports.
CiviCRM allows us to easily create contribution forms for donations, tabling fees for events, and sponsorship 
payments. Event registration helps us gauge event attendance as well as collect ticket fees if necessary.  We 
use profiles to collect information that is not related to a financial transaction. Contacts and groups help us 
organize our constituents and easily target email campaigns. CiviMember paired with BuddyPress is helping us 
create a virtual community, giving our constituents support and resources. Surveys and petitions help us learn 
and promote issues that concern our community and CiviVolunteer allows them to register to be involved in our 
programs and activities.
Without CiviCRM we’d have gobs of disjointed information and multiple data silos.   It’s also extensible so that 
we can have a few things customized once our budget allows it. We love CiviCRM because it’s affordable, 
effective and can get an organization up and running right out of the box.
In getting our CiviCRM/WordPress instance set-up, we enlisted the services of They can set you 
up from scratch or provide a help desk service.  We contacted Tadpole for assistance with setting up CiviMail 
and CiviMember. They helped us design an email template, tweaked some of our CSS and even added some 
plugins they knew we’d need.  I highly recommend if you’re on WordPress. Our site is hosted by 
CiviHosting. We greatly appreciate their service, attention to our needs and we’ve never been happier with a 
hosting provider.  
Because of the great help CiviCRM has been to our organization, we became CiviCRM Members.  We’re also 
working on a possible BuddyPress extension/plugin that can be contributed back to the community. We 
recommend that any organization that finds CiviCRM beneficial to become a member to support the project.  
We all know we’d be spending much more money if we were using proprietary solutions.
In short, Civi Rocks!


Thanks for sharing how Civi is helping Harlem Pride, it's very exciting to see!

It's been great to hve the opportinity to work with you.

You're welcome and thank you for working with us Dana!