Core Team

The CiviCRM Core Team (“the Core Team”) is comprised of members of CiviCRM LLC and leaders of the development, infrastructure, security and product maintenance teams. Its central purposes are 1) production and maintenance of CiviCRM the software, 2) stewardship of the CiviCRM community and 2) management of the project’s financial and legal interests. It coordinates contributions from community users and developers, ensures that people have access to the infrastructure they need to work and communicate effectively, and provides leadership for the project. 

The Core Team is tasked with many ongoing efforts including release management, community management, PR review, and overall project management. When possible, it undertakes specific initiatives consistent with the mission and roadmap of CiviCRM.

Though the Core Team may play an active role in other aspects of the project not listed above, these are predominantly driven by the CiviCRM community itself via a working group structure and consistent with established community guidelines.

The Core Team is funded through member and partner programs, through sponsors and major donors, and through its own earned income. Financial support is always welcome!

Work with the Core Team

The Core Team is available to hire on projects that move CiviCRM forward.  We work on projects where the code is contributed back to CiviCRM and thus made freely available to our entire community.

The Core Team only works on projects that have broad applicability within the CiviCRM community. If this fits with your project, or if you are unsure about whether this applies to your initiative, email us at to get the process started.

Hiring the core team is only one way to get the improvements you need into CiviCRM. You may also choose to work with one of our many expert CiviCRM service providers instead.

Josh Gowans | CiviCRM LLC
Project Manager | @josh

Seamus Lee | JMA Consulting
Security Team Leader | @seamuslee

Mathieu Lutfy | Coop SymbioTIC
Senior Developer (infrastructure) | @bgm

Eileen McNaughton | Loch & Ki Commercial Ltd
Senior Developer | @eileen

Tim Otten | CiviCRM LLC
Software Architect | @totten

Ben Walpole | UFUNDO Ltd.
Developer | @ufundo

Coleman Watts | CiviCRM LLC
Senior Developer | @coleman

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About CiviCRM LLC

CiviCRM is incorporated in the United States as a California-based Limited Liability Company, though it operates as a not-for-profit organization. It is focused on improving and producing CiviCRM (the software), ensuring the continuity of the project’s operation, protecting the project’s trademarks, and codebase, and addressing all legal and financial matters.

The financials of CiviCRM LLC are made available to the community in the form of annual income statements. Additional reporting may be made available for specific events or intiatives, or by request.

As a company, CiviCRM LLC is ‘manager-managed’, meaning that it is overseen and governed by individuals designated as managers in CiviCRM LLC's operating agreement. CiviCRM LLC is currently managed by Josh Gowans, Mathieu Lutfy, Seamus Lee, Eileen McNaughton, Tim Otten and Coleman Watts. Its legal members are Josh Gowans, Tim Otten and Coleman Watts.

Legal Address

1350 Ortega Street
San Francisco, CA 94122
United States

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