Big-up to CiviMobile 5.4! The app now supports Drupal 8

2020-12-08 09:05
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This is the first major, most requested and most anticipated release of CiviMobile app for all organizations that run CiviCRM on a Drupal 8 site. You asked for Drupal 8 compatible CiviMobile app — and we did it! CiviMobile 5.4 now supports Drupal 8 version of CiviCRM offering convenient access to CRM data and its management on the go.

CiviMobile 5.4 and Drupal 8 CiviCRM tech duo

With CiviCRM, you have all your accumulating data centralized in one place. The system automates data management tasks, streamlines interactions with constituents and reporting. It stands to reason why the need for CiviCRM raises no more questions. Nonprofits go with Drupal 8 version of CiviCRM when:

  • organizational website makes a safe and relaxed transition considering that the official Drupal Security Team will gradually cease to maintain older Drupal versions   
  • organizational website is built on Drupal and there is a need to put CiviCRM and CMS together to centralize and manage the organization constituents’ data 
  • information flow into and out of CRM (registration and submission forms, contributions, donations, membership fees) is quite heavy
  • organization plans to deal with lots of data and content in future. Drupal 8 CiviCRM integration handled early on, spare costly platform migrations later when contact base or interactions between  website users and CRM grow.
  • improved content editing and publishing experience, responsive and mobile-optimized interface are one of driving factors 
  • there is technical support to jump tech barriers and customize Drupal themes 

If your organization picks convenience, speed, and ease of use over data loss, slow processing, poor communication and workplace dependency then it’s time for us to add one more reason why nonprofits go with Drupal 8 version of CiviCRM. For you it’s time to go to the CiviCRM admin panel and install CiviMobile API extension or reinstall it if your website upgraded from Drupal 6 or 7.

CiviMobile 5.4 reinforces Drupal 8 version of CiviCRM and equips the organization field officers with a tool for immediate data access, data collection and data management when on the road. Your team will be as productive on the field as they are in the office.

CiviMobile 5.4 functionality for Drupal 8 CiviCRM

The promise of Drupal 8 CiviCRM optimized for field officers that got everyone’s hopes up some time ago is now fully fulfilled with the latest release of CiviMobile 5.4. It comes with the added advantage of all the CiviMobile functionalities. 

Find below some of the ways in which Drupal 8 compatible CiviMobile app reinforces CiviCRM functionality, extends it to mobile teams, builds a stronger rapport with organization constituents and all this from the comfort of the mobile device: 

Extended range of contact management capabilities

Any information required this very moment, be it contact details, calendar, activities, membership status/dues or contributions, is readily available for viewing, editing or updating. Whatever extensive your contact base gets, search for a contact easily, make a call in one tap and create new profiles precisely when you make new contacts. Tap to easily create the route to the destination location of your next meeting or sync a contact record to the contact book on your device to be able to identify the incoming calls from the supporter.    

No time wasted

CiviMobile knows how to keep your workplace productivity at its highest in and out of the office. Plan activities on the go with an all-time access to your graphic CiviMobile calendar and keep your plans straight having calendar track your appointments, to-do lists and due dates. More than that, the app will keep you in the loop sending timely notifications when new tasks are assigned, activities created, participants register for events. CiviMobile puts together a complete toolset for getting tasks done in a faster and more efficient manner. When planning and conducting surveys, field officers have all necessary means at arm’s length. 

Event management challenges solved

Depending on the event type and the stage in the event management lifecycle, challenges vary. CiviMobile enables the whole event management process on the mobile device, irrespective of the event type or management stage. Planning one-day, single-session community event or managing conferences or fundraisers that extend through multiple sessions, days and locations, the app supports event agenda in a calendar format, personalized agenda, speaker list with access to speaker profiles, event sessions and venue listings with location maps and plans, in-app payments, event registration, participant management, ticketing and QR code scanner.  

Guest user support

CiviMobile makes it possible for organizations to start engaging with guest users before they even turn into supporters. Providing positive guest user experience is likely to benefit the organizations bottom-line, gain new supporters and develop brand loyalty. Unregistered users will read organization news, view upcoming events, register for selected ones, get ticket and view agenda, participate in petitions, build guest profiles, check the documentation, configure the app and if permissions allow register in CiviCRM.

Prepared to reinforce your Drupal 8 CiviCRM and delight in easy and convenient access to CiviCRM data, wide contact management opportunities, efficient data management, optimized fundraising initiatives, enhanced communication channels, secure payment processing, etc. and all from the comfort of your mobile device? Go ahead! It’s already up for grabs. Find out more on our website by exploring CiviMobile features


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