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2024-07-03 11:29
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It’s time to celebrate! On Day 1 of Drupal 11, CiviCRM will have an official release supporting it. CiviCRM will officially support Drupal 11 as of CiviCRM 5.75, due to be released in the coming days. CiviCRM 5.75 is also the next Extended Security Release (ESR) version which will receive security updates for the next 6 months. Drupal 11 beta1 is out, and the stable version is expected to be released by the end of July.

On the table now is having CiviCRM included in the new Project Browser initiative and creating CiviCRM-related Recipes, both of which expand the creation of long-lasting and feature-rich digital properties.

Building new sites with the most modern version of Drupal is an important facet of creating long-lasting and feature-rich digital properties, and the path is bright for the future. Drupal 11 will have new features that will be incrementally improved and developed over the next year, and the upgrade from Drupal 10 is anticipated to be relatively minor in terms of effort. 

Upgrading brings in new features, performance enhancements, and architectural improvements that prepare your site to be secure for years. Drupal 11 and PHP8.3 will receive official security updates until December 2028, so organizations will have 4 years without needing major upgrades.

CiviCRM Drupal Ecosystem Updates

CiviCRM with Drupal continues to be a great choice for organizations with more complex contact and content management needs thanks to a growing list of Drupal modules and CiviCRM extensions. Here’s a partial list of high-value Drupal modules with Drupal 11 compatibility. For organizations already using Drupal with CiviCRM or looking to transition, these updates make it possible to use Drupal 11 by default by the end of 2024.

CiviCRM Entity

CiviCRM Entity provides Drupal Views integration, and other enhanced Drupal integration.

CiviCRM Entity 4.0-beta4 officially supports Drupal 11 and Drupal 10.3. Skvare maintains CiviCRM Entity and we look forward to the new features of Drupal 11, including Recipes and Experience Builder and developing improvements and integrations for these and the other features.

CiviCRM Drush

CiviCRM Drush module provides CiviCRM related Drush commands.  Drush is a command line tool allowing developers, hosting providers, and sysadmins ability to perform utilitarian operations from the command line. Drupal 11 requires Drush 13, and the 4.0.x branch of CiviCRM Drush supports it. A stable release will be published soon.

CiviCRM Reroute Mail

CiviCRM Reroute Mail is a simple module providing configuration to reroute all CiviCRM transactional emails, and mailings to a different email address. This module is often used on dev/staging instances for testing purposes. Drupal 11 support has been added and there is now a stable release.

Webform CiviCRM

Webform CiviCRM provides comprehensive Webform integration for CiviCRM. We have tested this module and been able to successfully add it to a codebase, and patch it enough to install it. With the Drupal 11 release in progress, you can use this composer template for development and testing purposes that includes basic patches to install and test Webform CiviCRM.

Get Support

Whether you are new to Drupal or have been a longtime Drupal user with CiviCRM, there’s great support opportunities for you to get the most out of your technology. Drop us a line at Skvare, reach out to another CiviCRM partner specialized in Drupal development and support, or join the CiviCRM Mattermost Drupal channel.

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