Pogstone releases extension for parents registering children for events

2013-09-06 06:28
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There is a new native extension available for allowing parents to register their children for events within CiviEvent.  Tired of using custom data fields on a child to collect information about their parents and emergency contacts?    Would you like the information collected during the event registration to create ( or update ) the various contact records needed in the back-office?  Then this is the extension for you.  It creates a contact record for each child, each parent, each emergency contact, the household contact, and also builds the appropriate relationships between each contact. 

Pogstone (http://pogstone.com - Now a founding partner of CiviCRM) is happy to be able to sponsor and develop this extension for the CiviCRM community. We had help along the way from others: Thanks to Joe Murray and WebAccess for their contributions to making this extension happen.

To download the extension, click here or visit the extension page: http://civicrm.org/extensions/youth-registration

Just some of the scenarios or use-cases supported by this extension: 

- A parent wants to register their children for a school event or after-school program

- A parent wants to register their children for pre-school

- A parent wants to register their teenager for a weekend/overnight trip run by your organization. 

- A parent wants to register their children for summer camp

- A parent wants to register their college-age children for an orientation program

- A parent wants to register their special-needs adult child for a program designed for people with special needs. 

I am looking forward to hearing feedback and how people are using this extension. 


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Thanks for filling this much-needed gap.