Small U.S. Nonprofits: Make your fundraising numbers count

2016-04-07 12:28
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andie - member of the CiviCRM community - view blog guidelines

This is the final week for the Individual Donor Benchmark Survey, a tool to help you see how your grassroots fundraising compares to other small nonprofits across the United States.  This is the second year that AGH Strategies has supported the survey by building a CiviCRM extension for easy data collection, so you can complete the survey this afternoon.

The report also compares performance between different CRMs and fundraising databases, so you can help share the story of your success with CiviCRM.

[icon:fontawesome:bar-chart] Crunch your data

  1. Go to your Manage Extensions page in CiviCRM.
  2. Click Refresh, and once the list refreshes, go to the Add New tab.
  3. Look for the extension named Individual Donor Benchmark Survey 2016
  4. Follow the link to go to the report.
    You'll need to select the financial types that you consider to be "donations" (as opposed to program revenue or grants), and all the questions will fill for you.

  5. Go to and begin the survey.

When you complete the survey, Third Space Studio will compile the responses into a report that you'll receive.

Read more on the original blog post, or check out the project's site for past years' results.