2nd Video con: about the future of caldera and civicrm

2021-12-03 06:30
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jaapjansma - member of the CiviCRM community - view blog guidelines

At the end of this month the wordpress plugin Caldera Forms will be end-of-life. Meaning that the maintainer behind this plugin won't provide any official updates anymore.

We had a video-con about this at 7th of April. In which, we talked about possible alternatives. Since then developments have gone further so I think it is time to have another video conference where we can inform each other on what has been done in the past months, and which developments lay ahead.

Also we can discuss how we can proceed to create a CiviCRM community maintained version of Caldera Forms. The plugin is in production at several sites and not all those forms are not easy to migrate.

When: Wednesday 15th December 2PM (CET) / 1PM (UK) / 8AM (New York) / 10PM (Sydney)

Location: https://jitsi.civicoop.org/caldera https://meet.google.com/_meet/ewt-gudg-qzi?ijlm=1639574059680&adhoc=1&hs=187
More information: jaap.jansma@civicoop.org


Fantastic. Joinery's in. Thanks for organizing this, Jaap!

Aussies, please join at midnight, and not 10pm. I think the website timezone calc is a bit out.