CiviMobile 5.6 gets a major revamp to welcome new improvements

2021-05-24 14:56
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Following successful product launch, one can lean back and relax their efforts or keep up the pace, every time setting higher-level goals. Driven by a goal-oriented mindset, we went for new challenges and subjected all CiviMobile modules to close revision and optimization. In this way, CiviMobile 5.6 is now more secure and polished, devoid of inefficiencies, compliant with user high expectations and of course still free.

What is new

Full functionality regardless of CMS

Organizations that have CiviCRM installed on their Joomla sites will now enjoy CiviMobile full functionality. Public Area and Event registration are now supported for Joomla in CiviMobile app 5.6 onwards. With these add-ons Joomla regains its competitive edge, while CiviMobile users benefit from a few powerful features, like:

  • viewing all public events with all details, such as event description, agenda, speakers, venue     
  • registering for events, both paid and free 
  • paying event fee within the app and generating a ticket 
  • registering in CiviCRM if enabled by admin 
  • taking part in public petitions
  • keeping up with organization news 

These features alone will suffice to facilitate event management process for organization staff, keep registered users satisfied and engage wider audience.

Optimized code for better performance and stability

CiviMobile app is built with React Native, well-known as a rapidly changing and evolving JS framework. Experts and techies far and wide do their best to regularly release new features along with bug fixes. Obviously, we wouldn’t want to miss out on those improvements. CiviMobile team did some thorough analysis of the app code, compared it against the latest version of React Native and made necessary adjustments.

It didn’t take long to see the positive effect: performance improved, critical bugs fixed and security patches applied, app crashes prevented.

Additional security barrier created

One can hardly be too careful when dealing with personal information, sensitive data, credit card numbers. CiviMobile protects your data with several security barriers which include SSL encryption, distributed access control, a PIN code, ability to disconnect from all devices, etc. This time around we add another layer of protection. To keep prying eyes out of your data, the app screen blurs on the Recents screen, hiding all info. The app screen appears blurred until user navigates back to it, taps the screen and enters a PIN code.

Better user experience with new active Filter and Activity icons

Help users fulfill their goals yet do it subtly, without them even noticing. New Filter and Activity icons seem to be right up to the task.

Search filtering has been an essential app component from the get-go, but now it does more. Before users could only narrow down results by applying a set of filters. Oftentimes they applied filters, then kept tapping and swiping through the app. Finally, they forgot about applied filters and could view skewed data. This is no longer the case as CiviMobile 5.6 displays active filter icon with a number of applied filters next to it. 

In the meantime, the Activity icons were added on the Calendar screen to visualize different types of user activities and ensure the information is perceived instantly by the user even at a hasty glance.

Bug fixes rolled out to CiviMobile 5.6

CiviMobile upgrade to a new version of React Native laid bare some vulnerabilities, more flaws were reported by active users. The app went through some serious debugging before the release. Find below our bug fixing update presented in an itemized list:

  • On logout push tokens are now deleted and user instantly stops receiving push notifications. Pop-up messages will resume when user logs in
  • Participant check-in functionality allows processing a heavy flow of participants fast with no glitches 
  • The list of event participants will no longer show removed participants 
  • QR code ticket is generated and no longer affected by the mail server configurations
  • Autocomplete for domain name is disabled on registration form after logout 
  • Date and time values are properly translated for all time zones 

From minor issues to more significant updates and major React Native upgrade, CiviMobile rings in a safer, smarter and more sustainable future. Download CiviMobile 5.6 to enjoy the improvements and come back soon to check for new updates.


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