Views from the Global Community Summit

2020-10-08 02:59
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First of all, it’s been a huge privilege for me to be able to attend the Global Community Summit in Barcelona and all of us here agree that first and foremost we owe this to the amazing team at iXiam for organising a fantastic event!   Being new to the community, I was a little concerned that it might be a little too dev-centric but I needn’t have worried. I knew this was going to be something special from Joe Murray’s opening remarks celebrating our history, diversity and growth to ensure we started the summit knowing that all voices are equal and heard.   We spent two days together with an aim to define our identity, our principles, who we want to be today and in the future and how we can as a community come together to make further system enhancements that will help non-profits globally achieve their mission. Oliver Gibson facilitated an engaging ‘Planning for Real’ session encouraging attendees, whether developer, implementer or user, to put forward ideas now matter how small (or big!). There’s something really empowering being part of a community that allows you to shape its future. Thanks to the multiple volunteers there are detailed notes available for both days.   One thing that also clearly comes across is the passion that everyone brings to the table to make a difference. Is coming into this ‘new’ daunting, yes. But it is one of the best things you can do, everyone here (and from my impression, everyone in the Civi Community) will listen, support, share knowledge and welcome you.   I would also like to thank the sponsors that make it possible for us to come together and the people that gave up no doubt lots of valuable time to prepare for sessions. I will most definitely join again, whether there’s a pool or not!  

Additional details

We'll have an update later in the week re: the sprint, however for an update on the work from the Community Summit, check out: Notes from community summit 2019   There has been a lot of enthusiam at this year's community summit, so we're already planning 2020, specifically where, when and who will organize. Feedback on this can be captured here: Community Summit 2020 - discussion on where, when and who