Probots and GitLab to GitHub Integration: Second phase completion

2020-08-02 03:29
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Hello all, this blog is a continuation of my previous blog. This month we were able to achieve most of our targets with a very healthy community discussion as well. We added more features related to only GitHub code-base and we moved on to GitLab and GitHub Integration as well. Let me explain to you the main features we added during this period in a brief.

  • Adding/Removing Labels directly through comments: Now, we can add some few listed labels (the list which can be modified anytime) on a pull request so that if a PR has already been reviewed, the reviewer can easily leave remarks on the pull request using labels. Anybody adding a label can add a label using the syntax: /label add,add-tests,needs-documentation and similarly remove labels using /label remove,add-tests,needs-documentation. This syntax might be modified a bit before the final release however it will remain the same more or less.
  • Adding issue-link to pull requests: Any pull request which follows the standard title name such as dev/core#issue_number or dev/financial#issue_number (the project name can be any) if the correct syntax is followed and issue corresponding to issue number exists, then the issue-link for that issue will be posted in the pull request comments allowing others to easily see which issue is the pull request based on.
  • Adding a Pull Request link to the GitLab issue: Using the GitHub Webhook whenever a pull request is created if it is based on some issue from dev projects, then the URL of this pull requested will be posted in the discussion of the issue thus allowing anyone reading the issue know, if any pull request related to that has been already opened or not. Thus removing multiple pull requests on a single issue.

The tasks for the next and the final phase are still in discussion, however one of the most likely feature is the addition to close issues directly from pull requests comments, which can be highly useful for closing issue after merging a pull request. Apart from this, we are also planning to automate few tasks related to docs during the next month.

If you would like to provide some suggestions on what other things can implemented to automate the workflow you are highly welcome to provide your ideas in comment-section of

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