Event Participants Management in the New Version of CiviMobile

2019-07-17 08:38
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Hosting events is a complex process, which requires a structured approach to sticking to the schedule and managing participants. Now it is getting easier to organize the entire workflow from registration to check-in with the new version of CiviMobile app. Whether it is the indoor or outdoor event, the mobile app will help you perform better and optimize working processes including participants registration and management, ticketing, and participants check-in at the event venue. With a new release of CiviMobile, you are able to control all the event details on your mobile device anywhere and anytime, which contributes to the consistent event planning and hosting.

What Is New

In the new version of CiviMobile, we have implemented the whole Event Management process by providing opportunities for CiviMobile users to a) register others for events; b) to view and update event participants; c) to generate tickets with a QR-code; and d) to check-in participants at the event venue both manually or automatically by scanning their tickets with unique QR-codes.

1. Registration of others for an event. The previous version of CiviMobile allowed a user to register just oneself for an event. In the new version, you can also register others for both free and paid events assuming you have corresponding permission. Even more, you can register multiple participants at the same time, set up their roles, and select fee option (in case of a paid event). So now CiviMobile allows performing the same actions as a web version of CiviCRM with the difference that you can use CiviMobile everywhere, not only at your workplace.

2. Ticketing. After registering for an event, the system will generate a ticket with unique QR-code for each participant. A participant can view one’s ticket at CiviMobile app and receive a copy of the ticket by email. Later you can show your ticket at the entrance of the event venue. QR-code will allow the event host to speed up the check-in process by scanning the code.

3. Viewing and managing participants. With the new version of CiviMobile, it got easier to track participants and check their statuses. You can see who is registered for an event and if you are the event host you can also add new participants or manage their statuses if necessary. Along with that, you can check the participant details and roles whether one is a speaker, volunteer, or attendee.

4. Check-in. Another important feature of CiviMobile is Check-In screen. Here, the event host can quickly search for a needed participant and mark his attendance at the event just with one click. The system will update the participant status from “Registered” to “Attended”. This functionality is fast and allows processing even a big flow of participants in a quick manner.

5. QR-Code Scanner. But you can make the check-in process even faster by scanning participant’s ticket with a QR scanner. You just need to switch CiviMobile into scan mode and the app will automatically read a unique QR-code on the ticket. It will find a required participant and mark his show-up at the event. There is no chance that CiviMobile will scan the same ticket twice or accept a ticket from another event. As a result, you can reduce workload, save time, and speed up the organizational processes.

The new version of CiviMobile is already available at AppStore and Google PlayMarket. You may also find more info about CiviMobile features, installation process, and the latest news at CiviMobile website https://civimobile.org/.

We hope that CiviMobile app will help you get more benefits of CiviCRM. In case you have further recommendations, ideas, and wishes, please contact us on civicrm@agiliway.com.