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2015-03-15 13:07
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Compare your fundraising success last year with other CiviCRM users and small- to medium-sized nonprofits.  Third Space Studios have been conducting the Individual Donor Benchmark Survey for three years, helping smaller nonprofits compare their aggregate fundraising information to get a fix on how successful they are raising money from individual donors.

In return, the survey helps small and medium non-profit organizations gain useful insight into their own data, and contrast that with similar size organizations, to enhance their fundraising strategies.

This year, we realized that much of the survey data is already available in CiviCRM in a standardized way, so AGH Strategies wrote a report extension to help CiviCRM users easily gather data for the survey.  The report gives you totals question-by-question to match the survey.

Want to get started?  Just install the Individual Donor Benchmark Survey extension and run the report.

Participating in the survey helps to increase the sample size of the survey.  It helps you see where you stand, and it helps all organizations get a better sense of their progress.  Furthering your success while helping the community is hardly a new concept for CiviCRM users--it’s at the heart of open-source!  We hope you will participate and spread the word.

Some information and goodies for participants from Third Space Studios:

What You Get When You Give: When you submit your nonprofit’s 2014 fundraising data, we’ll provide you with your individual results AND the complete survey results to share. You’ll also receive the official Individual Donor Benchmarks report and infographic, and an invitation to an exclusive webinar for survey participants where we’ll dig into the results.

The 2014 IDB Survey runs March 2 through March 20. Click here to get started today:

Participants will also be entered to win one of five prize packs including:

National Recognition: Last year’s Individual Donor Benchmark Report gained national attention being featured by the Stanford Innovation Review, Nonprofit Times and others. Learn more about the 2013 IDB Survey and Report here:

Curious about what the result looks like?

The Individual Donor Benchmark Project was made possible by the following partners: Third Space Studio, BC/DC Ideas, Network for Good, NeonCRM, Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training, Little Green Light, AGH Strategies, and Mike Glover.