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Les extensions fournissent de nouvelles fonctionnalités CiviCRM. Ce répertoire présente une liste centralisée des extensions créées par la communauté CiviCRM.

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En plus des extensions qui s'installent directement dans CiviCRM et fonctionnent avec tous les CMS affichés ci-dessous, vous pouvez explorer les répertoires des extensions qui sont faites spécifiquement pour :

This extension integrates Mosaico an open source, responsive email template builder, with CiviCRM.
Installations: 4,675
Extended report framework including priceset reports.
Installations: 3,192
CiviRules is an extension that allows rules based actions, like automatically adding a contact to a group when he/she contributes more than
Installations: 2,733
This extension facilitates uploading CSVs via the CiviCRM import interface. Useful for bulk uploading events or campaigns etc.
Installations: 2,052
This extension does nothing by itself but is required by a number of other extensions developed by MJW Consulting.
Installations: 1,987
E-mail API for CiviCRM to send e-mails through the API
Installations: 1,965
This is a payment processor extension for the iATS Payments payment processing service, making use of the web services interface.
Installations: 1,961
Have you ever wanted to rearrange the contact summary screen? Move the most important information to the top? Remove unnecessary stuff? Create a simplified layout for your volunteers and interns but a more robust layout for your fundraising team? This extension will let you do just that.
Installations: 1,923
Allows the admin to create and manage discount codes that can be used on membership and event pages.
Installations: 1,847
Tokens for CiviCRM including formatted address block (with country formatting), today's date, userID, phone, membership & relationship token
Installations: 1,799
This implements a simple firewall for CiviCRM that blocks by IP address in various scenarios.
Installations: 1,776
A log viewer for the CiviCRM debug log, showing a summary with links to a detailed view of each log entry.
Installations: 1,635
Passerelle de paiement Stripe - Accepter les paiements par carte de crédit.
Installations: 1,633
Utility for allowing angular pages to load the backbone profile editor/selector widget. It comes prebuilt with a service for loading backbone and necessary files as well as a directive to turn a standard input into the profile widget.
Installations: 1,370
This extension permits a contact to be changed from one type to another.
Installations: 1,367