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Les extensions fournissent de nouvelles fonctionnalités CiviCRM. Ce répertoire présente une liste centralisée des extensions créées par la communauté CiviCRM.

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En plus des extensions qui s'installent directement dans CiviCRM et fonctionnent avec tous les CMS affichés ci-dessous, vous pouvez explorer les répertoires des extensions qui sont faites spécifiquement pour :

Sometimes CiviCRM can be real tough to debug. Especially when you are getting fatal errors, but only by some users, and you can't recreate the problems. This utility will send you a detailed email when a CiviCRM fatal error occurs.
Installations: 480
PDF API for CiviCRM to create a PDF file and send it to a specified e-mail address. This is useful for automatic generation of letters.
Installations: 420
The CiviMobileAPI extension is a CiviCRM component that allows to use a mobile application CiviMobile.
Installations: 414
Onscreen tutorials for learning to use CiviCRM
Installations: 411
Membership Extras for CiviCRM: Provides a huge amount of amazing functionality for organisations managing memberships
Installations: 406
Adds CKEditor5 as a Wysiwig in CiviCRM rich text fields
Installations: 399
This extensions makes the permission flag on a contact's relationship work as a true ACL.
Installations: 362
Installations: 357
Allows adding an automatically calculated "Additional Percentage" field to any price set (e.g., add 3% to cover credit card fees).
Installations: 356
Provides a report on upcoming birthdays and an API for sending birthday greetings via e-mail.
Installations: 352
ReportPlus extends the default CiviCRM Form's Framweork adding new features
Installations: 344
CiviSEPA allows you free SEPA direct debit collections, if you are in Europe.
Installations: 344
Move a contribution from one contact to another. This can be done through the contact's contribution tab or through search results.
Installations: 326
SMS API for CiviCRM to send sms through the API

Installations: 325
Installations: 320