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16 septembre 2022
By wmortada Filed under Form Builder, Meetups

Back in May at CiviCRM North East, we looked at an example of using Form Builder to create a volunteer application form. This is a slightly delayed (sorry!) write up of that talk.

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18 février 2022
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This month at CiviCRM North East, Andrew West spoke about how they are using SearchKit at Humanists UK to generate reports and get data out of CiviCRM.

SearchKit is a brilliant new feature that dramatically improves the way you can search and report on data in CiviCRM. It is a very powerful tool that is still in active development.

He talked about:

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19 novembre 2021
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This month at CiviCRM North East, Rich Lott of Artful Robot spoke about how to improve email deliverability and avoid your mailings being marked as spam.

As we discovered, it is quite a complex topic but Rich did a great job of explaining the technicalities.

Rich answered questions such as:

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8 octobre 2021
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Learn more about how you can deal with duplicate records in CiviCRM in this talk by Aidan Saunders of Squiffle Consulting.

This is a recording of the talk Aidan gave at the CiviCRM North East meeting on 8 September 2021. He spoke about:

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21 juin 2021
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Bari Pollard of GMCVO databases talks about scheduled reminders in CiviCRM.

This is a recording of the North East England User Group meeting on Wednesday 19 May 2021. Bari spoke about how scheduled reminders can be used for a variety of purposes including:

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9 octobre 2020
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CiviCRM Sprint Catalonia 2019

45 people from around the world came together for three days to make CiviCRM better.

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