Documentation at the Manchester sprint

2022-10-11 07:19
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ErikHommel - member of the CiviCRM community - view blog guidelines

It is really fantastic to experience a real life CiviCRM sprint again! I am hoping others will also tell you about the Manchester sprint in blog posts, but i would like to take this opportunity to tell you about the stuff we discussed on the topic of CiviCRM Documentation.

First of all let me say a word of thanks to Michael O'Toole (@mikeymjco) who has done a wonderful job in improving the whole Docs infrastructure and the process of making and publishing changes. Mikey will continue to assist with the documentation infrastructure but more in the background in the future.

Jaap Jansma (@jaapjansma) and me (@ehommel) have agreed to take on some responsibilities in the Documentation arena:

  • Jaap will focus on the infrastructure side of things, picking up any issues on the infrastructure and helping with the merge and publish flows
  • I will focus more on co-ordinations, managing (not solving) issues and reviews, reminding and nudging on reviews, documentation needing updates, regular sprints and assisting anyone who wants to contribute

During the discussions here we agreed that:

  • we as a community feel responsible for the User Guide, Developer Guide, System Administrator Guide, Installation Guide and Training Guide
  • anyone that brings a change to CiviCRM should at least flag if the documentation needs updating with this change (and obviously do the update as much as possible)
  • anyone introducing new techniques or tools should at least flag if the documentation needs updating (and do the update as much as possible)
  • it would be nice if individuals in the community would be willing to take on responsibility for a chapter or topic
  • we would really like to have at least 1 live documentation sprint (which might be at the same time and location as a "regular" sprint but will be marketed separately as it should attract other people) at which we publish a new version of as many of the guides as we can
  • we would also like to have regular online sprints on documentation

We would really like to hear from anyone interested in contributing to the documentation and keeping it up to date so if you feel you would like to contribute join the Documentation Mattermost Channel ( or drop me a mail at erik dot hommel at civicoop dot org.