CiviCRM Ambassadors are volunteers who have offered to share their experiences with CiviCRM. They may be able to help you evaluate whether CiviCRM is a good fit for your organization by answering questions about why they chose and how they use CiviCRM. Click on the name to contact an ambassador. Information about each person's role and organization is included to help you match your questions to someone with appropriate experience. Follow-up discussion will generally take place on the "Ambassador Forum Board" so that the broader community can benefit and learn. ... and just fill out this form if you're ready to become an Ambassador!
Name Organization Job Title City Countrysort descending Program Areas Components Used Budget # of Employees # Using CiviCRM Other Databases Used Case Study
Juan Ramón de Arana (n/a)
Julie Hall Custom Websites to Go CEO
shomik chattopadhyay (n/a)
Roshani Kothari (n/a)
Sergio Sztokman Sitiomatic CEO Mendoza / Buenos Aires Argentina
Renaee Churches Play Australia Website and Membership Coordinator Melbourne Australia
Annette Saadeh CommunityCRM Pty Ltd Partner Sydney Australia
Adam Kwiatkowski DevApp DIrector Clovelly Park Australia
Techa Beaumont Kulchajam Chairperson Byron Bay Australia
John Derry The Monthly Marketing, Media and Technology Advisor Melbourne Australia
Ryan Cross (n/a) Australia
Ross Gerring Itomic Pty. Ltd. Managing Director Melbourne Australia
Ken West City Bible Forum I do whatever's needed! Sydney Australia
Leon Deutsch Itomic Pty. Ltd. Senior Consultant Melbourne Australia
Gregory Vandewiele Webmaster Ronse Belgium
Jonathan Cassidy Fireminds Project Manager Hamilton Bermuda
Antonio Rodrigues Apto Security (n/a) São Paulo Brazil
Diego Viegas dotPro Tecnologia CEO Brasilia Brazil
Kathryn Carruthers Web/IT Consultant Ottawa Canada
Morgan Stewart BC NDP Fundraiser Burnaby Canada
Joe Murray JMA Consulting President Toronto Canada
Hanah McFarlane CCRC Resource Development Coordinator Peterborough Canada
Kevin Harding Incipe Cooperative Principal and Director Burnaby Canada
金香 黑郁 黑郁金香 黑郁金香 湖北 China
Kenny Abarca Anexus IT CEO San Jose Costa Rica