CiviCRM Ambassadors are volunteers who have offered to share their experiences with CiviCRM. They may be able to help you evaluate whether CiviCRM is a good fit for your organization by answering questions about why they chose and how they use CiviCRM. Click on the name to contact an ambassador. Information about each person's role and organization is included to help you match your questions to someone with appropriate experience. Follow-up discussion will generally take place on the "Ambassador Forum Board" so that the broader community can benefit and learn. ... and just fill out this form if you're ready to become an Ambassador!
Name Organization Job Title City Country Program Areas Components Used Budget # of Employees # Using CiviCRM Other Databases Used Case Study
Juan Ramón de Arana (n/a)
John Derry The Monthly Marketing, Media and Technology Advisor Melbourne Australia
Leon Deutsch Itomic Pty. Ltd. Senior Consultant Melbourne Australia
Gretchen Du Peza American Women's Club Zurich (n/a) Zürich Switzerland
Susan Engeman Cividesk Training Manager Denver United States
Daniel Fiege Harlan Group (n/a) Beacon United States
Ross Gerring Itomic Pty. Ltd. Managing Director Melbourne Australia
Tyrone Grandison (n/a) Los Angeles United States
Dave Greenberg Senior Project Mgr San Francisco United States
Julie Hall Custom Websites to Go CEO
Nishad Hamsa (n/a) Malappuram India
Kevin Harding Incipe Cooperative Principal and Director Burnaby Canada
Sam Haskell Database Manager London United Kingdom
Crystal Healey (n/a) Austin United States
Erik Hommel CiviCooP partner Brummen Netherlands
Allen Hutchison Glenwood Community Church Director of Communication & I.T. Vancouver United States
Sri Jella (n/a) wembley United Kingdom
Lisa Jervis Information Ecology Principal Oakland United States
Sean Kenny Circle Interactive (n/a) Bristol United Kingdom
Jessica Kirsner Secular Student Alliance Development Associate Columbus United States
Józef Konior partner Dbałośc idealny stan działań Skawica.631 Poland
Roshani Kothari (n/a)
Dharmendra Kumar (n/a) Salt Lake City United States
Adam Kwiatkowski DevApp DIrector Clovelly Park Australia
Chris Lightfoot Oblong Leeds Finance coordinator Leeds United Kingdom