20 December, 2010
By kurund
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CiviCRM comes with CKEditor as a default wysiwyg editor. One of the missing features has been ability to upload /browse existing files on the server using CKEditor. So after some investigation I figured out you can easily integrate IMCE drupal module for this purpose.


Here are the steps:

  • Modify packages/ckeditor/config.js

Index: config.js ===================================================================

--- config.js (revision 31357)

+++ config.js (working copy)

@@ -9,6 +9,10 @@ // config.language = 'fr'; //config.uiColor = '#AADC6E';

+ config.filebrowserBrowseUrl = '/index.php?q=imce&app=ckeditor|url@txtUrl|width@txtWidth|height@txtHeight...

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16 December, 2010
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Based on Deepak's excellent blog post about adding discount codes, we decided to take it one step further and write a module. The CiviEvent Discount module has an admin interface to manage discount codes and the ability to link them to one or more events. Combined with the recent ability to access price sets from hook_civicrm_buildAmount the module also supports adding discount codes to events with price sets.


We just added the project to d.o. this morning, so the dev release may not show up until tomorrow. In addition, this was developed mostly as a prototype for a client we're currently working with so we haven't flushed out...

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03 December, 2010
By lobo
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A large organization using CiviCRM is planning to switch to using CiviMail for their broadcast email needs. This is great news for CiviMail and will take it to the next level in terms of feature set and functionality. As part of their migration, we are integrating a workflow engine into CiviMail. For this version, we will be using Drupal's rules module, thus making it Drupal specific. (if you are a joomla user and interested in sponsoring this for CiviCRM on Joomla, please contact us via email / IRC). For this project, we'll be focussed on extending the CiviMail schema to facilitate workflow. Sending a broadcast email will be split into three steps:

  • A user creates the email content. On creating / uploading the content, an event is triggered which informs the QA group of a new mailing
  • The QA group verifies the mailing and works with the user to improve the mailing. Once this is done, the mailing is...
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12 November, 2010
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This is a summary of ideas from this forum topic, http://forum.civicrm.org/index.php?topic=15983 , and discussion should continue here.


I'm working on a CiviCRM/Drupal installation for an organization that puts on workshops and houses and feeds people for the duration of the workshops.  CiviCRM's built-in way of handling price sets as flat lists of options and prices, doesn't quite do what we want.


We need events to have many signup options, including length, since we sometimes give the option to attend partial workshops, and fee level, since we have different pricings for students and the unemployed.  Many other options' prices, in turn, need to depend on the length field and the fee level field - for example, housing option prices need to be adjusted based on length of attendance selected, since a private room for a weekend would not cost...

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25 October, 2010
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Check out the PowerPoint presentation for a review of Drupal modules for CiviCRM http://wiki.civicrm.org/confluence/download/attachments/33129543/Drupal+Modules+for+CiviCRM+Drupal+Camp+Toronto+2010.ppt?version=1&modificationDate=1288060322608.

I covered the ones in the tarball as well the ones on drupal.org that have stable releases for Drupal 6 and reasonable usage figures. A video of the presentation was recorded along with the rest of the main sessions at the conference. When they are processed and it is put up somewhere I'll update this post with the link.

As background, Drupal Camp Toronto 2010 was a successful two day Drupal camp with over 250 attendees (last one had less than 160) and over 15 sponsors. Keynote speakers included Dries Buytaert from Acquia, Jeff Eaton from...

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24 October, 2010
A few months ago as our organization was just starting to use CiviCRM, Dave Greenberg recommended that we look at CiviCase as a solution for our admissions team to keep track of prospective students. As a collection of activities associated with a client, CiviCase looked like a great way to record our interactions with potential students as we made initial contact, followed up, received communication from them, sent more info, and then accepted their applications. From a DB point of view, yes, it is a nearly perfect way to store that information. But from a UI point of view, we had a long way to go before our admissions team would be able to painlessly get the data in, work with and update it once it was there, and then be able to get it back out in the form of reports. Here's what we did to make that happen (and more!):

Getting the Data In

Creating a case for a new prospective student is simple: just log in to... Read more
19 October, 2010
By michal
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It's 3.3.alpha1 time! After a couple months of work, it's finally time to push out all those new cool features out! Before jumping directly on downloads (yeah, we know you can't wait!), we strongly recommend going through 3.3 highlights post, where you will find out what's new and hot in this release.

If you want to experience 3.3.alpha1, it is now available for download. You can also try it out on our sandbox site. Please remember this is an ALPHA release and it should NOT be used on production sites.


Step up and help out!

CiviCRM 3.3alpha1 release is a great occasion to get involved in CiviCRM community. There are many ways you can help make this release better and bug free.
  • Log in to the ...
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18 October, 2010
By lobo
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As we are getting ready to roll out the first alpha for CiviCRM v3.3, I figured a status update on some of the cool new features of 3.3 was in order. So without further ado, here are some of the cool new features that are part of 3.3

  • The CiviCampaign component is now part of the 3.3 code base. This includes initial support for Canvassing, Surveys and Petitions. There is still a fair amount of work that remains to integrate it with the rest of CiviCRM, more details can be read on our wiki: CiviCampaign and CiviEngage and CiviCRM for Canvassing and GOTV.
  • Thanx to Xavier Dutoit and Tech To The People (TTTP), we've also managed to include powerful petitioning functionality into CiviCRM. The spec for this is on the wiki:...
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26 September, 2010
By Slovak
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Following the great response from OpenCamp and the recent Dallas Drupal User group meeting, the Dallas / Fort Worth CiviCRM Meetup is a reality!

Join us on October 11 at this inaugural meeting to find how you can use this open source solution in your non-profit organization or a small business. We'll cover the basics of CiviCRM and explore the newest features released in version 3.2.3.

We'll hold an informal open floor for people to present how they use CiviCRM and for others to ask questions about the CRM system.

19 September, 2010
By lobo
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We just completed a CiviCRM Code Sprint in NY. A big tip of the hat to Rayogram for providing the space and coordinating the logistics, especially to Kyle Jester. Thanx to Chang and Matt from emotive LLC for providing breakfast and lunch during the sprint.

We had 14 folks on Saturday and 12 folks on Sunday. It was an incredibly productive sprint with lots of great presentations and a fair amount of code and improvements towards 3.3. The main goal was to improve some features in CiviCRM and incorporate some of the work done by the community. Here is a recap of some of the things we accomplished during this sprint:

  • Lanette M started work on a document for someone who is trying to migrate data from disparate sources into CiviCRM. She hopes to produce a set of checklists and a list of things for people to think when planning such a migration. She hopes to re-use and bring together some of...
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