Barcelons skylight
4-10 October, 2019

Global Community Summit: Barcelona

The Community Summit comes to Europe
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4-10 October, 2019 The Community Summit comes to Europe

Global Community Summit

The Global Community Summit is an event for community stakeholders including Members, Partners and contributors that actively support CiviCRM. This event is not only a place in which we can share, learn and contribute to CiviCRM, it is a forum for improving and directing the project as a whole. This event follows the spirit of 2018 Governance Summit opening more subjects and areas of discussion around the Project. 

This is a residential event that will be held in a beautiful 16th-century farmhouse located at 45' from Barcelona and 15' from Sitges (wonderful town with an incredible beach). We will cook together, have interesting presentations, productive meetings and socialize with the community.

Key points:

  • There is a GitLab Wiki that will be used to collect issues with session proposals, areas of work or any other inputs
  • The Summit starts on Friday Oct 4 but arriving on Thursday Oct 3 will be better
  • Price for the 7-day Summit & Sprint: 330€ (includes accommodation & food)
  • Sponsorship opportunities will be available to defray expenses of the event
  • The Venue is limited to 40 people.
Event start date: 
October 4, 2019 - 09:00


After the Community Summit we will have a 5-day Sprint in the same location. We will choose some areas to work on (based on participants' interests) and then split into teams.

  • Work on different areas
  • No need to be a developer to participate
  • At least 3 days is recommended
  • Have fun, work and engage with the Community!
  • The Sprint ends on Thursday Oct 10th. We can leave the house by afternoon.

Share your ideas in the Wiki