23rd October, 2017

CiviCon Canberra

Australia's first ever CiviCon

23rd October, 2017 Australia's first ever CiviCon

CiviCRM is the leading open source CRM in the world, powering nearly 11,000 nonprofits and civic sector organizations focused on meaningful impact. For the first time, CiviCRM will bring CiviCon, its signature conference, to Australia in order to showcase the incredible capabilities and community around CiviCRM, offering opportunities and insights into fundraising, communications and overall organizational management.

CiviCon Canberra brings together the leading contributors in the region along with a range of end user organizations to share insights and expertise, and to promote CiviCRM as an effective tool used by high performance nonprofits. Join us at CiviCon Canberra!


CiviCon Canberra will be held at the National Library of Australia. Parkes Place, Canberra ACT, Australia


CiviCon Canberra is a 1 day conference from 9am to 5pm on 23rd October 2017.

Pre-Conference Developer Day

There will be a CiviCRM developer day on Sunday, 22nd October prior to the conference, find out more on the CiviCon Canberra 2017 - Developer Day 2017 blog post.

Schedule and Sessions

The conference schedule is now available. Conference sessions are listed below.

  1. Introduction to CiviCRM Core Team

  2. SMS conversations with CiviCRM

  3. Outside CiviCRM looking in: Using Views and Webforms with CiviCRM

  4. CiviCRM case management, from concept to creation

  5. Getting the message out using CiviCRM scheduled reminders

  6. Quick on-line forms with WordPress and CiviCRM

  7. Introduction to the new mailing editor for CiviCRM

  8. Introduction to the new CiviCRM user interface

  9. A case study by Asylum Seekers Centre

  10. Why did the yogis cross over to CiviCRM? A case study by Dru Yoga, a global Yoga & Meditation organisation

  11. Planning your CiviCRM

  12. Personalisation & Automation

  13. Managing email campaigns in CiviCRM

  14. Review of duplication management in CiviCRM

  15. Integration of Webforms with CiviCRM contact records

  16. The power of using include / exclude search with smart groups

Would you like to present at the conference? Then submit a proposal here.


Would you like to present at the conference? Then submit a proposal here.

Keynote Speaker

Caroline Le Couteur, MLA
ACT Greens Member for Murrumbidgee

Event start date: 
October 23, 2017 - 09:00

Photo by JJ Harrison under CC 3.0

CiviCon Canberra is an opportunity for anyone looking to improve operational performance through use of CiviCRM.

  • Discovery track for new users
  • Sessions for beginners to experts
  • Case studies and insights from major users
  • Networking reception

Join Us

Need more information?

Need more information, please contact events@civicrm.org

About the organisers

CiviCON Canberra is a volunteer managed event with support from the following organisations:

CiviCRM, https://civicrm.org

The Greens NSW, https://nsw.greens.org.au

Fuzion, https://www.fuzion.co.nz

Agileware, https://agileware.com.au