9 June, 2017 CiviCon is going to new places!


Sessions will be held in parallel tracks so different audiences may visit suitable presentations throughout the days, no matter if newbie, user, implementer or developer. We will be adding sessions here as they are confirmed.


Users and implementers

Users and implementers




Ansgar Holtmann (viva con agua)


CiviCRM 101

Fabian Schuttenberg (SYSTOPIA)

Case Study: CiviCRM at Coordination Volunteer for Refugees in Ede

Jaap Jansma (CVV)

Developing for CiviCRM - an introduction for new developers

Tim Otten (CiviCRM core team)


Gather new supporters with online petitions - powered by CiviCRM

Detlev Sieber (Digitalcourage e.V.)

How to successfully implement CiviCRM in difficult circumstances

Anne Stalfort (ArbeiterKind.de)

Creating Custom Searches - Using SQL and a touch of PHP

Alain Benbassat (Business and Code)


Lunch break


Lightning Talks part I

Anybody is invited to share their CiviCRM insights and ideas



CiviCase - The new CiviCase and introducing CiviCRM's new User Interface

Jamie Novick (CompuCorp)


Introduction to CiviRules

Erik Hommel (CiviCoop)

Buurtcooperatie in Amsterdam benefits tremendously from out-of-the box case management in Civi

Wim van Meurs (IT4Nonprofit)

Flexible Online Integration

Björn Endres (SYSTOPIA)

How to scale civicrm to send 5 million emails a month

Xavier Dutoit (We Move Europe)


Lightning Talks part II

Anybody is invited to share their CiviCRM insights and ideas


CiviHR - v1.6 to v1.7 and beyond!

Jamie Novick (CompuCorp)

The Contracts extension: Improving CiviCRM's membership model for European NGOs

Michael McAndrew (Third Sector Design)

Fabian Schuttenberg (SYSTOPIA)

The quest for performance

Jaap Jansma (CiviCoop)


Closing session & get together

Key Note

Presenter: Ansgar Holtmann, Viva Con Agua

CRM has become more or less common knowledge. Currently a wide range of different players are making us feel this buzz is only about choosing the right solution and services.

But what does CRM explicit mean?

What changes besides of choosing a specific software are oganisations facing when going towards visonary eNGO?

Let's figure out some answers and have an outlook where this could lead us.

CiviCRM 101 - Getting up to speed

Presenter: Fabian Schuttenberg, SYSTOPIA

Are you TOTALLY new to CiviCRM, think it might be right for your organisation and are here to find out more?

This session is for you, aimed at those who have never seen CiviCRM in detail before, we'll talk you through the basics of a CiviCRM system as well as preconditions for safe and sustainable use. You'll also be able to ask experts basic questions and get up to speed for the following amazing CiviCON sessions.

Don't worry if you have questions that you think are too basic. We'll be there to help!

CiviCRM at CVVE (Coordination Volunteer for Refugees in Ede)

Presenter: Jaap Jansma, Besides his work at CVVE he is freelance CiviCRM consultant and developer.

Last year during the refugee criss the city Ede hosted around 400 asylum seekers. During this time the citizen initative CVVE (Coordinatie Vrijwilligers Vluchtelingen Ede) arose. Aim of CCVE was to coordinate all the good will of the local citizens towards the refugees and to give the refugee a very warm welcome in Ede. One-and-half year later the organisation still exists and has 4 paid staff members and around 60 volunteers.
CVVE uses CiviCRM for their buddy project and as case management system to help refugees find a (volunteer)job. CiviCRM is used a central databases and we have connected CiviCRM to the webmail so the addresbook is populated from CiviCRM. We have also connected Apache Zeppelin for data visualisation/insights and we are busy with integrating CiviCRM with Nextcloud so we have one central place to store documents and todo lists.

In this session I will demonstrate how our environment looks like and is build around CiviCRM. So that this might be an inspiration for how you could use CiviCRM in your organisation.

Developing for CiviCRM - an introduction for new developers

Presenter: Tim Otten, CiviCRM core team

Every CiviCon needs a session to introduce new developers to the staples of CiviCRM architecture, like APIv3, hooks, and civix. But we can't use the old slidedeck in 2017 -- projects like CiviCase 5 and Mosaico 2 have changed the architecture for new development. For this session, we're going to do a mental reset and tell a refreshed story about how to develop major projects in Civi. The story will mix classic elements like APIv3 and hooks with new elements like BootstrapCSS, AngularJS, Shoreditch, cv, civicrm-dev-docs, Style Guide, and Symfony.

Gather new supporters with online petitions - powered by CiviCRM (#Case Study, #How-to)

Presenter: Detlev Sieber, Digitalcourage e.V.

Many organisations within civil society are collecting online signatures to support their goals - often using commercial petition platforms. However, the latter has the big disadvantage that the personal data of the supporters is beyond the control of the organisation.

So why not use CiviCRM for online campaigning?

This is a case study about Digitalcourage, a German NGO focussed on human rights in the digital age. That organisation was one of the first using online petitions, starting 2010. At the beginning, they were using a custom built web system for their online petitions, but in 2015 they moved to using CiviCRM. This session will give an overview on the business rationale of using CiviCRM for petitions: e.g. since then they received 40.000 signatures and 200.000 EUR donations via their own CiviCRM petition platform.

The main part of the session will focus on how CiviCRM can be configured and (slightly) customized to be used as your own online campaign platform.

Own your data!

How to successfully implement CiviCRM in difficult circumstances

Presenter: Anne Stalfort, Fundraiser at ArbeiterKind.de

ArbeiterKind.de is Germany´s largest community for first Generation students. Our community consists of more than 6000 volunteers in 75 local groups, 20 staffers in 8 offices across Germany, about 4000 supporters on various levels, an intranet with 11000 user profiles, about 35000 personal contacts per year to school and university students. In 2015 we implemented CiviCRM to communicate with all these groups, manage relationships more professionally and build a long-lasting institutional memory.

This session might be helpful for anyone thinking about the big switch to CIVI-CRM. Is it worth the effort, when various mailing lists, excel sheets, and donation management systems are already in place and dearly beloved? Which resources (time, skills, money) are needed? The session gives an insight in the main obstacles, the success moments, some general benefits and also some ongoing struggles after two years with CIVI-CRM at ArbeiterKind.de.

Creating Custom Searches - Using SQL and a touch of PHP

Presenter: Alain Benbassat, Business and Code

The Search and Advanced Search in CiviCRM are very useful tools to find specific contacts. But sometimes you need data that is difficult or impossible to extract using the standard CiviCRM search screens.
You know it would be fairly easy to do with SQL, right? SELECT first_name, last_name, COUNT(event_id) FROM ...

The session will explain how you can wrap your SQL-queries in a little bit of PHP-code, give it a descriptive name, and add it to the list of Custom Searches in CiviCRM. Your users will see the result set with just a few mouse clicks!

CiviCase - The new CiviCase and introducing CiviCRM's new User Interface

Presenter: Jamie Novick, CompuCorp

Over the past 12 months, the Core team and Compucorp have been collaborating on bringing the exciting new developments of the CiviCRM user interface from CiviHR into CiviCRM. But the changes are more then skin deep and during the session we will run through the story of how we developed a new design language for CiviCRM, talk about some of the technical challenges that we needed to overcome and finally we’ll be lifting the lid on the new look and feel! We’ll also be showing some of the exciting new developments that will be using the new interface design, including the new drag and drop mailing module, the overhaul of CiviCase and the future of CiviHR.

Introduction to CiviRules

Presenter: Erik Hommel, CiviCoop

A session aimed at users that are familiar with the basic concepts of CiviCRM and are interested in automating part of their process flow. The CiviRules extension enables a basic work flow automation concept.

In this session Erik Hommel from CiviCooP will explain the basic concepts of CiviRules and take you through two real life examples. The first example is based on an organization that uses CiviRules for Automatic Donor Segmentation. The second example is from an organization that uses CiviRules to freeze process events so they can measure their throughput and some small examples of automated emails.

Buurtcooperatie in Amsterdam benefits tremendously from out-of-the box case management in Civi

Presenter: Wim van Meurs, IT4Nonprofit

De Buurtcoöperatie Oostelijk Havengebied, in the Eastern Docklands area in Amsterdam co-ordinates all kinds of local projects and initiatives from the Docklands residents. One of the larger projects is the so-called Buurtbel ('Neigbourhood Phone'), which brings together volunteers and a multitude of requests for informal help: filling in tax forms, walking the dog, help with school homework, help in budgetting - and also, refer to professional help if necessary. De Buurtbel uses a simple out-of-the-box implementation of CiviCRM for its case management and we're eager to show to new or aspiring CiviCRM users what added value it brings us. You'll find us at https://buurtcooperatieohg.nl/de-buurtbel/ (in Dutch).

Flexible Online Integration

Presenter: Björn Endres, SYSTOPIA

Efficient communication with the "outside world" is crucial for any CRM. CiviCRM already comes with some online forms, but the flexibility of this approach is very limited. In addition it raises a number of security concerns.

We would like to present recent developments to make integrating your CiviCRM with any external system as easy and safe as possible, be it with interactive web sites, membership areas, databases or other third party services.

How to scale civicrm to send 5 million emails a month

Presenter: Xavier Dutoit, We Move Europe

We Move Europe has more than 700'000 members that take part on our campaigns. We send more than 1 million emails a week, do a lot of AB tests and have lots of traffic and can measure in near realtime how our actions perform. We'll share with you how we modified CiviCRM to work at our scale and see how we plan to push it further.

Civisualize: All you ever wanted to know to build your own visualisations

There is a lot of data about your organisation carefully stored into your CiviCRM, but it might not be easy to have an overview of all that information. And because a graph is worth a thousand row of boring tables, we'll show you you can with some SQL and a few lines of javascript generates the lines, the barcharts and bring the heatmap in the piechart to let your users understand and explore the informations you have about your contacts and their activities.

CiviHR - v1.6 to v1.7 and beyond!

Presenter: Jamie Novick, CompuCorp

HR is hard. Especially for non profits who not only have to track employees, but a high turnover of temporary staff and volunteers as well. Currently, the only option for non profit organisations are a suite of expensive commercial solutions designed for companies, or a raft of homegrown systems, spreadsheets and processes. Based on CiviCRM and Drupal, CiviHR is a unique project that creates a great open source human resource management software for non-profit organisations. During this session you'll get a chance to see what CiviHR can do for your organisation, what our latest developments are and whats on the roadmap for the future. To find out more about CiviHR see the CiviHR website

The Contracts extension: Improving CiviCRM's membership model for European NGOs

Presenter:Michael McAndrew, Third Sector Design and Fabian Schuttenberg, SYSTOPIA

CiviMember is a powerful component of CiviCRM that can do a lot out of the box. But it doesn't match perfectly to the membership models of many European NGOs that think about their memberships differently to their Anglo-Saxon counterparts (which may come as a surprise to you given that the Anglo-Saxons were Germanic tribes who migrated to the Great Britain from continental Europe in the 5th Century).

The Contracts extension sits atop of CiviMember, adding and replacing functionality to turn memberships into contracts. Highlights of the extension include:

  • Contracts have no expiration date by default
  • Integration with SEPA for recurring payments
  • All contract modifications are fully logged
  • Contract modifications can be scheduled into the future

The contracts extension is being built for and funded by a high profile European NGO and it is currently being tested by them. Although it has been built primarily to their needs, it has been designed to be generally useful to organisations with a similar membership model. If you are interested in using or further developing the extension to meet your needs, come along to find out more.

The quest for performance

Presenter: Jaap Jansma, works as freelance CiviCRM consultant and developer with CiviCoop

In this session I will tell the story of what we did at the Socialist Party to improve the performance of CiviCRM. I will explain what we discovered so far and how our quest for performance improvements has been.

Lightning Talks

Presenters: Anyone - open stage

Lightning talks are for anyone who has something small to share with the community. Be it a little extension you made or discovered, a tweak or trick, a heads-up for fellow users, the CiviCRM features that stuns you the most  - the stage is yours for 5 minutes.

More topics in preparation

  • Case study: CiviCRM for online campaigns
  • Creating custom searches
  • Automatting your CiviCRM for higher efficiency with CiviRules
  • The whole financial cycle of your organization, integrated with CiviCRM
  • Improving performance for CiviCRM instances with LARGE data sets
  • Taking your fundraising to the next level with the Campaign Manager extension
  • (and even more to come soon...)

Propose a session!

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