9 June, 2017 CiviCon is going to new places!

Sprint - not only for developers

The days following CiviCon Cologne, there will be a community sprint. This means: folks who care about CiviCRM gather in a place where they work together to improve CiviCRM. Although developers are typically well represented, we strongly encourage non-programmers to join.

You may contribute in multiple ways without any coding knowledge, e.g.:

  • discuss and define user requirements
  • create and improve documentation
  • contribute to community organizing efforts
  • work to improve CiviCRM's marketing situation

And since CiviCRM's technical crew is usually pretty helpful, they might support you in acquiring stronger technical skills during the sprint. There's a lot to learn and to profit from as a user or implementer as well by understanding how developers work.

If you wish to register for the training, you may do so together with your Conference registration here. If you are already for the Conference and would like to update your registration to include the sprint, please send an email to Javier Bernal, bernal@systopia.de.


To provide a perfect place for 3 days of concentrated work on everybody's favorite CRM, we are going to Kall in the Eifel region. A nice house in the forest will be ours to live and work in. To find out more about the location, check this link.

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