Brooklyn Documentation and Code Sprint

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We will have a CiviCRM sprint from June 12th to June 15th in Brooklyn. The idea is to have as many community members present as possible so we can make good progress on writing code, improving the books and having a good time! Food and drinks are provided. We do expect you to pay for your own travel expenses. If this a problem for you please contact us.

We will have a CiviCRM sprint from June 12th to June 15th in Brooklyn, New York, about 20 minutes from Manhattan. This will follow CiviCamp NYC on June 11th.

The sprint will be focused on improving CiviCRM's stability, quality and documentation. There will also be a group focusing on CiviCase.

The registration fee covers food and lodging. If you needed an excuse to come visit New York City, join us in June!

A note on the location. The space where the sprint will take place is on the second floor and there currently is no elevator.

The accommodations are available from Monday, June 10th checking out Sunday, June 16th.

Event Start
Event End
Jon's Loft
207 Starr St.
Brooklyn, New York 11237
United States
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Food and lodging
Lodging and Food $ 350.00
Food only $ 100.00
Two day food only $ 50.00
One day food only $ 25.00