Live Interview: Member Retention: Engaged Members Retain Themselves!

The secret to member retention? Engaged members retain themselves!🎯 Learn how in our upcoming podcast episode!🎙️

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Whether your member renewal is baked into their onboarding process. Renewal is determined in the first 30-to-90 days of the member journey. With this in mind, how can your associations change the member journey to ensure that members will still be around year after year?

Join us for an exclusive podcast interview with our special guest, Chris Vaughan, Chief Strategy Officer and Non-Profit Membership & Marketing Consultant. Listen in as Chris shares his experience and explains why engagement is the key driver when it comes to member retention.

Key Ideas:
💡 Actions that most impact retention: communication, benefits or others?
💡 Getting clear on the lifetime value of your members.
💡 The realistic investment we should make in members to retain them.
💡 What do engaged members who retain themselves look like.

🗓️ Tuesday, May 24, 2022
🕑 3 PM ET

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May 24th, 2022 7:00 PM through  8:00 PM
Phone: 6135184001