CiviCRM "London" Virtual Meetup - July 2020

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CiviCRM London Meetup is going virtual!



Howdy y’all,

We know it’s been a little while since you last heard from the Compucorp team but it’s certainly not been a quiet few months in all things CiviCRM! 

We’ve been busy beavering away and have lots of cool new things to show…

But it’s a brave new socially-distanced world and given that we can’t have the usual dinner and drinks session in the basement at Compucorp HQ (don’t worry I’m sure we will be able to get together again soon!), we thought it’s time to finally take the meetup “online”... 

As such we’re pleased to invite you to the first Virtual CiviCRM “London” meetup!

The meetup is still very much open to all - whether you're interested in learning more about CiviCRM or simply considering it for your organisation, there's always a mix of experience levels represented and it’s a great forum for asking your questions or for meeting other users, implementers or developers who can help with your project.

Given the lockdown, we’ve moved to a slightly different timeslot (12.30pm - 14.00pm) which we hope will be as convenient as possible for everyone.


Key details:

Where: Online anywhere! (Link to video call with be shared after registration)

Date: 23rd July 2020

From: 12.30pm - 14.00pm (GMT+1)

To find start time in your local jurisdiction please see the link: Local time


The theme for our first ever virtual meetup will be CiviCase; CiviCRM’s not-always-well-understood-but-very-powerful case management module! The team at Compucorp have been putting in a lot of work to develop the module's flexibility and we are very excited to share what's new.

As such, after the usual CiviSurgery, we’ll be focussing on CiviCase with a walkthrough of the module and a case study example of how to use the module for applications processes. 

Full agenda below:

  1. CiviSurgery: From 12:30PM to 1:05PM
    We’ll start off as always with the CiviSurgery. The CiviSurgery is a place where you can ask anything - so whether you’re a beginner just getting started with CiviCRM or an expert thinking about how best to get that last 2% we’d be happy to help.
  2. Unlocking CiviCRM’s workflow management potential: From 1:05PM to 1:30PM
    A look into the most recent improvements in CiviCRM’s case management module: An overview of what it can do for your organisation and what’s new in the latest version!
  3. Using CiviCase for Applications processes: A Case Study - From 1:30PM to 1:55PM
    CiviCase is a great tool for managing applications processes. This could be for recruitment (such as for volunteers or staff) or for managing awards and grants. We will walk you through how the new CiviCase could be used for these kinds of workflows with a live demo.

Coming soon:

Future meetups will look at CiviCRM for membership, fundraising and communication workflows, but do let us know if you have any requests for sessions - or would like to speak yourself!

Video of session:

Catch a video of the session below:
July 23rd, 2020 12:30 PM through  2:00 PM