Webinar: Translation for developers

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CiviCRM is available in over 25 languages, thanks for the many efforts of hundreds of translators around the world, but also from CiviCRM developers who have made sure that the texts in the software can be translated and adapted to differents regions.

Occasionally, a feature or a piece of text might not be in the correct language, usually because of a bug in how the code was written. This webinar will aim to paint a wider picture of translation for developers (which might also include integrators and administrators, if you are curious about how CiviCRM works).

Some topics, but not limited to:

  • What to double-check when a string is not translated.
  • Good and bad examples of the "ts" function
  • How to translate extensions with "E::ts"
  • Multi-lingual, and how it impacts settings and entity configurations (ex: Event Title).
  • Some known issues with ongoing discussion, such as the contribution page recurring options, or settings translation (and how it particularly impacts extensions).

The webinar will be done using Zoom (which also has a web interface, so you don't need to install their software, although it is recommended). The Zoom link to connect will be sent a few days before the event.

This discussion will happen at least a second time on 4 November (more details here), in a more European-friendly timezone. It will not be recorded, in order to encourage more informal conversions.

Questions/comments: mathieu@symbiotic.coop or post a comment in the translation channel of the CiviCRM chat.

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  • 22:00 Kiev

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October 21st, 2020 from  3:00 PM to  4:00 PM