London sprints April 2013

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A week long sprint where we'll work together to improve CiviCRM. Topics and themes to be finalised based on participant interests.

You are welcome to attend the entire week or alternatively attend 2 or more days.

There are no hard and fast requirements for attending a sprint, apart from a desire to work on improving CiviCRM in some way and the time to do it.

We'll choose a 2 or 3 areas to work on (based on participants interest) and split into teams to tackle these areas.  The idea is that we can work on improving CiviCRM and increasing your skills and knowledges at the same time.

Having skills in specific areas like coding, documentation, writing tests, etc. is great but not a requirement  A desire to further develop your skills and to help others through 'peer learning' is required!

Examples of work that we've done previously at sprints includes:

  • documenting new and upcoming features
  • improving usability of current features
  • getting your code improvements generalised and incorperated in CIvICRM
  • improving test coverage
  • squashing bugs
  • discussing, improving and finalising requirements for up and coming features

By the end of the sprint

  • we'll have made some significant progress in a couple of areas in CivICRM
  • you'll have the tools to continue working on your projects outside of the sprint
  • you'll have also got to know people in the CiviCRM community a lot better

Please see this forum thread for discussion of topics at this sprint:,27374.0.html

April 1st, 2013 9:00 AM through April 5th, 2013 6:00 PM
TI Group
115 Southwark Bridge Rd
London, SE1 0AX
United Kingdom
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