Community Council Election

2021-10-13 07:55
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ErikHommel - member of the CiviCRM community - view blog guidelines

We, the Community Council, owe all of you an apology. As you might remember the CiviCRM Community Council was elected in April 2020. Some of our members were elected for 2 years and some of us for 1 year. So we should have had an election last April for those members that either stepped down (1) or are at the end of their term.

However, we are setting up the election process using our own CiviCRM technology and extensions, and in such a way that we have a technical platform we can use in the future. So it takes us a little longer....for which we apologize! We assume however you agree with our approach and also assume you are happy with the members who have come to the end of their term to remain until we have newly elected members.

If you are interested in the process or even better, want to lend a hand, please contact either mikeymjco or aliceaguilar on Mattermost!


Time flies when you are having fun! Looking forward to seeing how the process works, and its deployment in support of governing this herd of cats. KUTGW! DVH

I would blame the Establishment Committee for not anticipating the delay :)