FormBuilder: Remote Forms


Image of Star Wars themed Remote Forms

Now shipping in core, FormBuilder, along with its powerful new ally SearchKit, is pushing the limits of capturing, managing and leveraging data in CiviCRM. The empire of inflexibility is on the run as FormBuilder moves into support for remote forms, thereby allowing rebel forces to easily capture data with forms embedded in remote websites in a safe and secure manner.

This latest effort represents a big milestone for FormBuilder and will open up additional opportunities for enhanced functionality both in FormBuilder and in CiviCRM as a whole. If you have not yet supported FormBuilder, now would be a great time to help the Core Team as we push CiviCRM to new limits!

Let by two young Jedis, Tim Otten and Coleman Watts, FormBuilder brings a new hope for CiviCRM. Join the rebellion today by making a donation to FormBuilder. And may the form be with you!

About FormBuilder

Long identified as a key piece of functionality, the native form builder made it officially to the roadmap in 2015. After an epic trilogy of development, we now have a working drag-n-drop app which builds forms for Contacts along with their addresses, emails, phones, and activities. With continued support and funding we'll be expanding this universe to include relationships, events, contributions, and more!

FormBuilder is a big undertaking with even bigger implications, and revolutionizes CiviCRM's capability to build and manage online forms. Progress will be released incrementally over time, and support for this initiative will be needed on an ongoing basis.

Like all major pieces of functionality, this form builder can't happen without a significant community investment. If you have questions or wish to make a pledge, contact Josh at


FormBuilder - Episode III: Rise of the GUI

Episode III was focused on replacing core screens such as the 'Add/Edit Contact' and to release a stable, powerful extension so that users can begin to fully realize the power of the FormBuilder.

FormBuilder - Episode II: A New Push - Backers

The release of the alpha GUI extension is here because to the following supports. Huge thanks to you for supporting FormBuilder!


FormBuilder - Episode I: Prototype - Backers

FormBuilder is where it is today thanks to those that made the investment in an initial prototype. Huge thanks to you for supporting FormBuilder!

  • Kingston Chamber Music Festival
  • Eileen McNaughton
  • Iantha Scheiwe
  • Concordia Welfare & Education Foundation
  • Fuzion
  • Delmonico, Betsy
  • Romdahl, Paal Joachim
  • Camp Cooinda
  • Chabad Suite
  • Gowans, Joshua
  • DevApp
  • Walpole, Benjamin
  • Audienceware
  • Tisza, Gergo
  • Gleeson, Jack
  • Toolan, Charlotte
  • JMA Consulting
  • Greenleaf Advancement
  • Western Friend
  • Academic Games League of America
  • dotPro Tecnologia
  • Van Der Giessen, Elijah
  • Woodward, Matt
  • Coop Symbiotic
  • Ajmi, Ayyoub
  • Faitout, Boris
  • West, Andrew