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Last updated: 2015-03-11

Works with CiviCRM 4.5. It might not be supported anymore.

NB: This extension depends on an API that is no longer provided by and so DOES NOT WORK and is no longer maintained. It is left here in case anyone finds parts of it useful for other projects.

At its most basic, this extension uses to retrieve accounts for contacts by matching their email against over 100 social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. It also allows searches to be made for keywords in their posts to these accounts, looks up Klout scores to determine how influential your contacts are on social media to assist in segmenting and targeting your engagement efforts, and displays an image of your contact if one is available from gravatar, Facebook, or LinkedIn. provides significant value as a social media monitoring and engagement platform beyond this. It identifies trending terms in social media for your contacts, facilitates manually or automatically following back someone who follows the institution, retweeting a mention or liking a post that includes a campaign hashtag. It also provides recommendations for actions. is a paid service that is oriented to larger installations. The minimum recommended number of contacts is about 25,000 - 50,000.

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