Donor Trends Extension

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Last updated: 2013-05-01

Works with CiviCRM 4.3. It might not be supported anymore.

Queries the contribute tables and displays (in table or CSV) information about donor activity in relation to the previous year(s), categorizing donors as new, lapsed, upgraded, downgraded, or maintained.

  • OVERVIEW report calculates numbers for new, lapsed, upgraded, downgraded and maintained donors for each target year.
  • NEW, LAPSED, UPGRADED, DOWNGRADED, MAINTAINED reports include the breakdown of donors (+contact id, name, email, totals) that underly the numbers in overview.
  • The 'Group' select is optional and limits results to donors within a certain group.

definitions of donor groups:

  • new: donor's earliest donation is in the target year
  • lapsed: donor did not give in the target year, but gave in the previous year
  • upgraded: donor gave more in the target year than in the previous year
  • downgraded: donor gave less in the target year than in the previous year
  • maintained: donor gave the same in the target year as in the previous year