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Last updated: 2019-11-26

Works with CiviCRM 5.13 or higher.

Flexailer is distributed as part of CiviCRM "core" since CiviCRM 5.28. Therefore it is not required to install it separately.

FlexMailer is an email delivery system for CiviCRM. It does not define any user interface; rather, it replaces some internal parts of CiviMail and provides new APIs. Other extensions can use these APIs to provide more fine-grained control over email delivery.

A few example scenarios supported by FlexMailer:

  • Composition: Change how email messages are composed. CiviMail has built-in support for simple tokens. With FlexMailer, an extension can change this in deep ways, e.g.

    • Compose messages with Twig, Mustache, or some other language.
    • Improve the performance of Smarty-based mailings (by disabling CiviMail tokens).
  • Delivery: Instead of delivering email messages over SMTP one-at-a-time, deliver them using batched SMTP or batched web-service calls.
  • Tracking: Change the tracking codes used for click-throughs or opens.

For more detailed discussion, see