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Last updated: 2020-06-04

Works with CiviCRM 5.16 or higher.

The "Shoreditch" extension is a theme for CiviCRM based on a contemporary flat design and Bootstrap(S)CSS. It includes two major components:

  • "bootstrap.css" is a build of Bootstrap based on the standard Bootstrap style-guide. It can be used with other CiviCRM extensions which satisfy the Bootstrap style-guide.
  • "custom-civicrm.css" is an optional replacement for "civicrm.css". It uses the same visual conventions and SCSS metadata, but it applies to existing core screens.

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  • Drupal 7 (Whilst the Shoreditch extension in itself maybe installed on Wordpress or Joomla it has not been tested with either and may lead to unexpected visual issues). 
  • CiviCRM v5.16+. In version v5.16.0 CiviCRM introduces Theming ( which makes Shoreditch no longer support the obsolete way of theme inclusion (since Shoreditch v0.1-alpha34) and drop the support for earlier CiviCRM versions.
  • uk.squiffle.kam if the CiviCRM version is lower than v5.12
  • "CiviCRM Theme" module enabled
  • The CiviAdmin Companion Drupal theme is optional but recommended (only for Shoreditch v0.1-alpha33+)