The "Shoreditch" extension is a theme for CiviCRM based on a contemporary flat design and Bootstrap(S)CSS. It includes two major components:

  • "bootstrap.css" is a build of Bootstrap based on the standard Bootstrap style-guide. It can be used with other CiviCRM extensions which satisfy the Bootstrap style-guide.
  • "custom-civicrm.css" is an optional replacement for "civicrm.css". It uses the same visual conventions and SCSS metadata, but it applies to existing core screens.

For more information, see

Please note if you are to use the new CiviCase or the Mosaico extension, currently the v0.1-alpha10-nonsafecolour version of Shoreditch extension should be used as their dependency. We will update them to be compatible with the latest Shoreditch soon.

Alessandro Verdura
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