Venice, Italy

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About Us

CiviHOST is a Business Unit of Perora Srl Benefit Corporation, a legal structure established by the law of 28 December 2015, n. 208. Perora is specialized in software development, communication and corporate data security, it is particularly committed to Third Sector Entities (ETS) to offer innovative open source services and solutions that allow for independence.

CiviHOST was created to support the use of CiviCRM and to contribute to its diffusion in Italy.

CiviHOST offers training courses, monthly technical assistance, software implementations and customizations and the provision of dedicated web space with pre-installed CiviCRM.

Our CiviCRM Services

- Configuration and customization of the database based on fundraising needs and objectives
- Training on the use of CiviCRM to make the Non Profit Entity autonomous in managing the database
- Technical advice, thanks to monthly plans or occasional support via ticket or telephone
- Dedicated web space with pre-installed CiviCRM. Data protection, backup and mail in one solution.